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Synonyms for acclimatise

get used to a certain climate

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He's an international footballer but he'll have to acclimatise to the English game and let's hope he can do that quickly.
Business Minister Edwina Hart said: "I would like to congratulate Acclimatise on achieving this excellent, well-deserved award for this unique product - designed and made in Wales.
That way, the workhorses could acclimatise on site for the first Test on November 25 rather than endure return flights to Tasmania - whose climate is far removed from the subtropical heat of Queensland.
And he was advised by sports scientist Niall MacFarlane to follow a strict regime in an effort to acclimatise his body to fighting 7,800 feet above sea level.
When I came to West Ham it was a bit tough to acclimatise, especially after coming back from injury.
They were earlier, given time to practice and acclimatise themselves with UAE conditions.
Schools will have to make some adjustment for this and give children more time to acclimatise to the new, more serious regime - which means even more time will be lost.
However, he won't insist on taking the squad to acclimatise before the Saturday match.
Just as our bodies are unable to adapt to a permanent surplus of calories and the invention of the automobile, so our minds are unable to acclimatise to the peculiar stresses of high-density urban living.
The ex-French performer took time to acclimatise on this side of the Channel, running disappointingly last season for his new stable.
Former Spanish Ryder Cup star Jose Maria Canizares has struggled to acclimatise on his first visit to Europe and is down field on 144.
Just like mountaineers have to acclimatise themselves before starting their climb, babies also need to acclimatise to the environment after birth,' he said.
USA], Sep 02 (ANI): With water getting warmer, carbon dioxide level rising and bleaching events becoming more frequent, a team of Australian researchers has issued advice that more research is urgently required to determine whether corals can acclimatise and adapt to the rapid pace of climate change.
Speaking to critics on his 2fm show, Tubs said: "Don't worry, you will acclimatise to it and you will get used to it and it will be great in the end.
The team trained with the Wakefield Triathlon Club at Pugney's County Park to acclimatise to cold water swimming.