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  • verb

Synonyms for acclimate

to make or become suitable to a particular situation or use

to make resistant to hardship, especially through continued exposure

Synonyms for acclimate

get used to a certain climate

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Even though low- and moderate-intensity workloads were used, they were used over 8 wks without progressive acclimation, with sessions 120 min in duration, and up to 2 timesd-1, characterizing an exhaustive effort.
The success of this protocol is found in its progressive acclimation period, in which animals are acclimated to increasingly greater swimming loads and volumes in such a manner as to guarantee that they can be trained without significant muscle damage, fatigue, or mortality.
Although levels of Hsp70 in the Sunset Bay (SB) population did significantly increase as incubation temperature increased, those levels were not affected by acclimation temperature alone (Fig.
Levels of Hsp90 did not vary significantly as a function of acclimation or incubation temperature in the CH population; no recognizable patterns were observed (Fig.
4 and 6) indicated that Hsp70 is induced in Balanus glandula at 23 [degrees]C, regardless of acclimatization or acclimation, indicating that heat-shock proteins are upregulated in this species on a regular basis.
Perhaps thermal acclimation involves maintaining specific ratios between the rates of processes.
Temperature acclimation of the functional parameters of the giant nerve fibers in Lumbricus terrestris: I.