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Synonyms for acclimation

adjustment to a changing environment

Synonyms for acclimation

adaptation to a new climate (a new temperature or altitude or environment)

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Each treatment was done in triplicate for a total of 18 trials per day of observation (three temperature exposures X two acclimation temperatures X three replicates).
In addition to education, the acclimation program should include practice with an open nasal mask.
2011) Heat acclimation improves intermittent sprinting in the heat but additional pre-cooling offers no further ergogenic effect.
We used submersible data loggers (StowAway TidbiT Temperature Logger, Onset Computer Corporation, Bourne, Massachusetts) to track temperature in reservoirs of the acclimation tank with adults and a Hydrolab system (model H20 multiprobe, Scout 2 Display Unit; Hach Company, Loveland, Colorado) for the tank with juveniles.
However, while a child's acclimation might overcome a lack of settled parental intent, "courts should be slow to infer" that a child's acclimation to his surroundings has in fact resulted in the abandonment of that child's prior habitual residence.
However, The unique characteristics of salvinia, which include rapid growth, the high acclimation capacity of the plant to wide range of temperatures, and relative tolerance to a wide range of contaminants make it a prime candidate for phytoremediation (Olguin et al.
This study supports the interest in the development of a campus pet therapy project as an adjunctive social support service to promote first year students' well-being and acclimation to college life.
Although a few studies (see Table 1) have presented upper temperature tolerances of green sunfish at selected acclimation temperatures; neither low temperature tolerance data nor a temperature tolerance polygon across a range of acclimation temperatures has been published for this species.
Paul Thomas Anderson's dark period drama "There Will Be Blood" won by acclimation Sunday at the Los Angeles Film Critics Association annual vote, taking four awards -- including best picture and best director for Anderson -- and finishing second in three other categories.
The inputs to the model include clothing levels with MOPP options, activity level, environmental conditions, wind speed, and degree of heat acclimation.
A more recent study compared two microprocessor-controlled variable-damping prosthetic knees (C-Leg[R], Otto Bock, Duderstadt, Germany and Rheo, Ossur, Reykjavik, Iceland) with a noncomputerized knee (Mauch SNS[R], Ossur) after a 10-hour acclimation period with each knee [19].
And by the time he reached the par-five 16th after hitting the green in two - to win the hole in four - they rose to their feet in the grandstand to deliver the kind of acclimation reserved for an Open champion.
A Circular Journey by novelist, critic, and poet Helen Barolini is a collection of fifteen essays drawn from her life memories, and her acclimation to the best of two worlds--the distinct cultures of America and Italy.
Minimize the amount of equipment and clothing worn by players in hot and humid conditions, particularly during the acclimation period.
Jodi Rell was nominated by acclimation at the Republican convention.