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Synonyms for acclimation

adjustment to a changing environment

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Synonyms for acclimation

adaptation to a new climate (a new temperature or altitude or environment)

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(2013) Effect of precooling and acclimation on repeat-sprint performance in heat.
To evaluate the effects of salt stress on snail locomotion, we consecutively conducted short-term (1-hour observation per individual) and long-term (30-day observation per individual) acclimation experiments under different salinity treatments of 43,33,23,13, and 3 psu (Fig.
Two hundred and fifty Pargo-UNAM juveniles were acclimated to determine the preferred temperature (PT), critical thermal maximum (CTMax), critical thermal minimum (CTMin), and aerobic scope (AS), in five 500 L tanks with 50 individuals for each acclimation temperature (AT), regulated with a 1000 W immersion heater or cold finger cooler.
Our results indicated LT50 as closely related to proline content and antioxidant enzyme activities at cold acclimation.
However, none of the previously correlated variables can explain why the temperature response of respiration might change either throughout the night or as a result of longer-term adjustments to growth temperature (i.e., thermal acclimation).
The 65-kDa cytosolic protein associated with warm temperature acclimation in goldfish, Carassius auratus.
This contributes to both neurogenic and angiogenic processes that take place in the organ during acclimation to hypoxia.
As the acclimation temperature increases, the PT also increases significantly (P < 0.05) and decreases to 22.8[degrees]C.
The stories of these creatures' often difficult transport from their native lands, as well as their acclimation to London weather and treatment by well-meaning though often inexperienced keepers, lends a special pathos to this adventure in natural science.
3) Annual freezing tolerance (AFT, or annual cold hardiness): computing [LT.sub.50] not only during mid-winter, but also during fall acclimation and spring deacclimation.
fortunei, such as sampling, transport, rearing, monitoring of the animal's health, acclimation time to the laboratory, size range of the tested animals, monitored physico-chemical parameters, food availability during the experiments, and criteria for the selection of suitable specimens to be tested for each bioassay (Cataldo et al., 2003; Pereyra et al., 2011, 2012; Di Fiori et al., 2012; Mansur et al., 2012; Calazans et al., 2013; Montresor et al., 2013; Sylvester et al., 2013).
Lawrence believes that with more acclimation, the former Far Eastern Tamaraws will eventually settle in with the rest of the Truth.
Successful cold storage of late instar parasitoid within mummy at 3.5[+ or -] 0.3 C of different acclimation periods of 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 hours at 8 [+ or -] 1 C were achieved for at least 2 weeks with great emergence and survival percentages and few effects on longevity.
After treatment set up, we monitored the acclimation progress following plant growth by measuring plant height and recording the presence of new leaves on June 21, August 18, October 06 and November 4 2011.