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  • verb

Synonyms for acclimate

to make or become suitable to a particular situation or use

to make resistant to hardship, especially through continued exposure

Synonyms for acclimate

get used to a certain climate

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Larvae were acclimated for a period of 4 days at two different temperatures: 15[degrees]C (experimental group) and 20[degrees]C (control).
Counselors help new employees get acclimated, guide them on assignments and work with the new hires on their career goals.
In essence Coward acclimated English society to a homosexual sensibility before it realized what it was welcoming into the parlor.
I think that's a nice gesture to get you acclimated to the island.
And as attending physicians become acclimated to the new requirements, the medical director is likely to be called upon to mediate any differences that may arise between physicians and the nursing home.
The construction has gone smoothly, and we now look forward to assisting the various agencies as they move in and get acclimated to their new offices.
Our facility is scheduled to open its doors in Hollywood in early 2007, and her work will be critical to providing our residents with programs that enhance their lives as they become acclimated to their new homes.
After practicing with the team the past two weeks, Pruitt thought he would be able to get acclimated quickly.
There are many different accents in this novel as the settings change from Paris to Paraguay, from Irish-accented English to Spanish-accented English, and Lecat easily glides from one to the other so that the reader becomes unconsciously acclimated to the setting through her voice.
ABSTRACT Rates of particle clearance and oxygen consumption were measured over full natural ranges of seawater temperature (1[degrees]C to 30[degrees]C) experienced by the scallop Chlamys farreri cultured in Shandong Province, People's Republic of China, comparing both acclimated and non-acclimated responses.
The most effective approach for a successful performance in the Pike's Peak marathon is to spend some time at a moderate altitude getting acclimated.
Take the time to become acclimated to environmental stress
Acclimated lowlanders' had less and less oxygen saturation the higher up they lived.
Subsequent to the conference call, it has come to our attention that the animals had not yet been inoculated, but rather were in the process of being acclimated, the final step in the process before the inoculations.
culture and acclimated and perhaps more skilled in the language, they can move out and take advantage of lower living costs and opportunities that are growing elsewhere.