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Synonyms for acclimate

to make or become suitable to a particular situation or use

to make resistant to hardship, especially through continued exposure

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Synonyms for acclimate

get used to a certain climate

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Typically, it takes people from sea level five to seven days to acclimate to the elevation, said Dr.
Turning your clock back one hour each night, as passengers do on the ship, might well be the most civilized way to acclimate to a foreign time zone.
The speaker sequencing, frequency, and warble rate are adjustable, making it difficult for birds to acclimate. The product uses less energy than a 10-W light bulb.
Given this information, there are two ways to proceed: either one takes these facts and attempts to account for our remarkable neglect, or else we ask ourselves to simply acclimate to the new facts.
Jackson suggested SDDC schedule routine training operations with Ready Reserve Force ships to better acclimate to the different ship designs.
This section is designed to acclimate our new members and start them on the path to active membership on all levels of League life.
Contributors follow people as they try to reevaluate past misunderstandings and acclimate to new parenting contexts and obligations.
After giving the newly arrived second session campers a day to acclimate, the two groups, along with the six-week American campers, boarded buses for the five-hour trip to Cedar Point, a regional amusement park.
However, this decline in business did not appear as a 'soft cloud' for brokers to gradually acclimate to the new condition.
As the academic year kicks off, give young students a tasty way to acclimate to school surroundings.
People move to rural areas to "escape the harshness" of the city but they don't acclimate, Carkeek says.
However, frequently no such benefit occurs, and sometimes it is actually disadvantageous to acclimate to an environment prior to competition in that environment.
In this country, it can help to acclimate people to living in an international economy (which they already do but don't fully realize).
The colorful artwork offers a wealth of contextual information to help young readers, and the Parent's Introduction is designed to help acclimate parents to encouraging a love of reading in their children.