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With that in mind it looks worth taking on Acclamatory in the place market even in a race that looks weak and is lacking any great strength in depth.
The real (because common) distinction here is between "the merely abstracted and the merely personal," a distinction comparable to the discriminations sketched in Jurgen Habermas' magisterial history of the "Public Sphere": first, a feudal "publicity of representation" beginning and ending in the person of a sovereign (16-17); a brief flourishing of rational discussion where personal prestige is superceded by the best argument as private individuals come together to use their reason publicly; finally, the return of a "personally represented authority" through which reason is supplanted by reputation in an acclamatory mass culture (201).
The hush that accompanied his entrance had an acclamatory feel.
In precisely the way described by Habermas, this type of public relations exercise seeks to acquire "from a mediatized public an acclamatory consent, or at least benevolent passivity of a sort that entails no specific obligations" in a bid to either mobilize political support, or "neutralize political counter-pressure" (1989: 200).
acclamatory election (one cannot of course say 're-election')
Charlotte Templin reveals that Erica Jong's literary reputation has been molded in a public debate about feminism staged between an acclamatory popular audience and a group of disparaging critics.
elections have not had much relevance to the political life of the country, save as occasions when the regime wishes to mobilize an acclamatory, self-confirming demonstration of popular support.