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Synonyms for acclaim

Synonyms for acclaim

Synonyms for acclaim

enthusiastic approval

praise vociferously


Related Words

clap one's hands or shout after performances to indicate approval

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This includes three M20U Ovation Ultras and three M20V Acclaim Ultras.
Pearl Acclaim remains on a decent mark of 82 and it really should not be too long before he notches a second win for David Nicholls.
That victory came off a perch of 85 but the handicapper was perhaps a bit over zealous in hiking him back to 91 after that win and Pearl Acclaim has struggled again a bit since then.
The mission of Acclaim Academy is to educate, train, and inspire students to become exemplary and well-rounded citizens, prepared for college and career success.
Romeo Acclaim's time moved him to tenth place in the standings for the novice hurdle championship, which is headed by Rick Holloway's ex-Charlie Lister ace Castlelyons Cofi on 29.38sec.
This hypothesis predicted that McCain would acclaim more and attack less than Obama.
General manager Bugra Berberoglu commented: "Once again, Emirates Palace has received the international acclaim it deserves.
ANNEMARIE Acclaim: Duff DUFF She shot to fame as Frank Gallagher's eldest daughter Fiona and has gone on to acclaim in playing Elizabeth I in The Virgin Queen and Dame Margot Fonteyn in Margot, both for the BBC, and for playing John Lennon's mother Julia in Nowhere Boy.
In more recent years, Pryce has starred in a number of not-so-successful films, but continued to enjoy acclaim on the stage.
Summary: Robin Wright Penn is winning critical acclaim for her role in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.
Expansion of the Acclaim silica-based column family, designed for higher resolution, optimizes analysis efficiencies, accelerates throughput, and saves solvent without compromising method robustness or ease of use.
Rahman hails.Rahman along with all the critical acclaim now has two Oscars in his kitty.
announces the addition of two new columns to the Acclaim[R] bonded silica family: the Acclaim Explosives E1 and E2 columns.
In a nightclub in the 1950s, Gades was discovered by Pilaf Lopez and Vicente Escudero, from whom he learned the masculine ecole de danse, and began to earn acclaim for his performances.