accidental injury

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an accident that results in physical damage or hurt

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"Our data suggests a strong relationship between poorer hearing and accidental injury, especially since the rate of injury increased steadily as the reported hearing worsened as well as the odds ratio for injury.
Compared to normal-hearing adults, those with a little trouble hearing, moderate trouble hearing, and a lot of trouble hearing had increased odds of accidental injury (odds ratios, 1.6, 1.7, and 1.9, respectively).
MSIG's scheme even offers the reimbursement of purchase price or adoption fee should the pet die of accidental injury or illness.
There is currently no understanding or explanation from all partner agencies as to why Coventry has such a high rate of admission to hospital for accidental injury.
A cross - sectional descriptive study using a self-administered questionnaire was used to collect data regarding the most common site of accidental injury during routine prosthodontic treatment, sources of injuries, commonly encountered medical emergencies, frequency of wrong site surgery and recommended measures to minimize patient safety incidents.
The investigators used standard statistical methods to determine whether HIV itself affected intentional and accidental injury rates.
Credit Accident & Health: This insurance covers a borrower for accidental injury, disability and related health expenses.
However, only 1 in 10 survey participants say they bought additional disability income insurance or purchased supplemental insurance products like critical illness, accidental injury or hospital indemnity insurance.
Drogheda Animal Rescue volunteer Liza Clancy said: "This could be an accidental injury where someone was say shooting at cans - we have no way of knowing for sure."
The increased odds of accidental injury could be related directly to the side effects of steroids and sedating antihistamines commonly prescribed to treat the skin disorder or the undertreatment of severe cases.
Accidental injury had also been ruled out because nothing in the baby's clinical history suggested such injury.
The authors address, among other subjects: basic compensation features, development of workersE compensation, assaults, risks, the range of compensable consequences, accidental injury and disease, mental and nervous injury, employment status, benefits, exclusions and exemptions, employee misconduct, and employer misconduct.
"While the number of accidental injuries and deaths in the UK may have been on the decline for many years, one accidental injury is one too many, and other awareness-raising opportunities will always be welcome.
The legislation proposes that no matter how many children are cared for, the ages of the children, or the venue, liability insurance should be carried by all licensed and registered child day care centers, including small day care centers, and group and family day care homes to further protect all parties in the case of accidental injury or property damage.