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Synonyms for afterimage

an image (usually a negative image) that persists after stimulation has ceased

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Reversing the process of "abstraction" illustrated by Theo van Doesburg's canonical Cow, 1925--a process of moving from the representational image to an abstract form of it--Marienerscheinung recalls not only Rorschach but Leonardo da Vinci, who recommended training oneself to see landscapes and figures in old walls and stones; Pollock again, especially in the post-1950 work; and more broadly the whole perennial problematic of the accidental image. These works leave the at once flattering and difficult role of completing them entirely to the viewer.
"What will be shown as part of the performance is this parade of sometimes conscious and sometimes accidental images."
His bold, graphic, instantly legible, and seemingly accidental images, frequently of disturbing subjects, have influenced every generation of photographers since.Artistic interest in Weegee's work has not been confined to the United States.