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having more than the average number of accidents

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"I make an appeal on behalf of the police department that the public should avoid coming here in monsoon due to the rising water levels, this place is highly accident-prone," said DCP Ashok Dudhe.
'We have placed personnel at the (Menora) tunnel and near Gua Tempurung to ensure smooth flow of traffic besides patrols from Slim River to Alor Pongsu, and also other accident-prone areas.
The sector commander identified such accident-prone areas to include Muhammadu Buhari Estate, Adedero, Siun, Kobape and Day Waterman Junction.
The Honda Jazz has been found speeding on an accident-prone highway on the city's Outer Ring Road.The speed limit on the road was reduced from 120 km/hour to 100km/hour due to repeatedly accidents.
Given how accident-prone they are, that is a good thing."
Awarding Lynch [euro]10,000 and costs, Judge O'Donohue said Lynch was a "very unfortunate accident-prone individual".
But, as the accident-prone children's nanny and all-round slave, Marsay's Nina quickly won our sympathy - because we knew that this likeable and straightforward personality was doing her best to survive and thrive in a London home containing two precocious boys, an arty and aloof mum - and almost ever-present pompous neighbour.
THE story of an overweight, accident-prone, opera obsessive might not read as silver screen magic, but the team behind One Chance (today, 5*, 12.55pm) largely strike gold with the tale of Britain's Got Talent winner Paul Potts.
Summary: Scheme spans 98 schools in the capital, targets most accident-prone segment of community
Not surprising was that the youngest driving group surveyed, ages 18-24, was the most accident-prone. Perhaps most surprising was that the least accident-prone drivers were the eldest group surveyed, ages 65+.
The actor asked Orlando whether he was accident-prone or had never broken a bone.
You could say winter holds a special place in a property managers heart--a horribly inconvenient and accident-prone place, that is.
BANGKOK (CyHAN)- Road accidents killed 58 people and injured 517 others across Thailand on Tuesday, the first day of the accident-prone New Year week, a transport official said on Wednesday.
Bean's Holiday (2007) Bean's Holiday (2007) 6Mr 6Mr ROWAN Atkinson takes his accident-prone TV character overseas and heads to France for some big screen comedy.