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having more than the average number of accidents

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Fixed and mobile speeding cameras will be used, particularly at the accident prone areas from where the maximum number of run-over accidents have been reported.
Of the total accident prone hotspots identified near flyovers, about 27 per cent are on the Ring Road, 17 per cent on GTK Road, 13 on Outer Ring Road and 6 per cent on Mathura Road.
I'm just a bit accident prone and clumsy and am always breaking things, especially vacuum cleaners, but no-one seems to mind
The significant finding of the study was the surprising revelation that higher injury rates to alcoholics continued for the following two years of detoxification; alcoholics continued to be more accident prone than drug users even after they quit drinking.
I'm not particularly accident prone, it was just a fact of life that if you played a lot of sport at school, you ran the risk of injury
Paul Baxter, head of insurance at Tesco Personal Finance, said, ``Everyone has their favourite breed of dog but our statistics do suggest that certain breeds are more accident prone than others.
I am just accident prone,'' Reed said with a laugh.
Researchers who study ancient animals are beginning to view old bones in a new light, looking for abnormalities tha might indicate, for instance, that dinosaurs wee accident prone or extinct sea turtles developed the bends.
Also, those who suffer from sleep disorders are far more likely than others to be accident prone.
Tenders are invited for Construction of retaining wall at the highly accident prone curve at the breached side of the road at Km 183 250 LHS Varikkadan
According to this project, the traffic police will start with major intersections which are accident prone.
Although Government statistics suggest older drivers are not more accident prone, Sir Stirling (pictured) said: "I do think older drivers should be re-evaluated because there are many things one has to keep up with.
But, mostly thanks to the accident prone dimwit Syd (Clarke), the pair, who - surprise, surprise - fall into their bad old ways, look about as likely to succeed as master criminals as a Norris Cole and Roy Cropper partnership in Coronation Street.
THIS week's disaster for the accident prone folk sees Martha and Jonah trapped in a disused mineshaft.
Only 35 per cent say they can't function properly, 20 per cent are more accident prone, clumsy or forgetful and just 17 per cent say lack of sleep leaves them feeling despairing.
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