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the part of grammar that deals with the inflections of words

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The core of my argument is that multiplying language versions tends to reduce opportunities for parties to take advantage of linguistic accidence, resulting from what Bernard Williams (2002: 100-110) has called "fetishizing assertion.
In conclusion, LAA closure with the WATCHMAN Device was feasible, efficient and safe for NVAF to prevent the accidence of stroke in Chinese patients.
Practical problems were next on the agenda: how to build up and teach vocabulary; how to mark unseens and help pupils improve; the allocation of marks in Senior Certificate Latin; and how important was a thorough knowledge of the rules of accidence and syntax in the context of the current trend in examining.
Yeats says somewhere that, in writing a poem, one should try to be more than "the bundle of accidence" that sat down that morning for breakfast--and part of me believes that without reservation--the other part knows that all we are really is a bundle of accidence, and that randomness and distraction are a big part of being as free and at large as we are in this life.
A sampling of coverage in the 23 contributions: breathing zone exposure assessment, mechanisms of particle deposition, aerosol chemistry and physics, health effects of ambient ultrafine particles, nanoparticle cell penetration, radioactive aerosols, filtration and sampling of fibrous filters, radioactive aerosols of the Chernobyl accidence, and lung cancer risk associated with radon and thoron, among other topics.
The result is that while there is a great deal of potential for advanced accidence avoidance technologies to decrease auto claim frequency, claim severity will correspondingly rise, due in large part to all of the sensors involved in making these systems tick.
Using stereo vision system is a way to reduce number of car accidence.
It is no accidence that companies that believe strongly in value of intellectual capital have a strong education culture.
The resulting archive of 212 shellac records captures the features of local dialects prized by scholars--from phonology and accidence to syntax--and preserves the voices of everyday people reciting into the gramophone hom their stories and songs, prayers, numbers, and several tellings of the parable of the prodigal son, an mac scaiptheach (or an mac doscaioch in the Irish of Tomas Breathnach, a participant from Galway).
It is so no matter of accidence that we witness Scotus, together with univocalizing being, capsizing as well some necessitarian credentials of knowledge.
Seventy years before delicacy was expected of men as well as women; see Hugh Jones, An Accidence to the English Tongue (London: John Clarke, 1724), pp.
The branch of language study or linguistics which deals with the means of showing the relationship between words in use, traditionally divided into the study of inflections (or morphology) and of the structure of sentences (syntax) accidence, and often including also phonology.
In the divine scheme of things nobody enters the world by chance or accidence and God has a plan on the life of every human being placed on earth.
In an attempt to address the duration of the heat episodes, we used the heat wave duration index [a binary variable indicating accidence of the normal daily maximum temperatures by 5[degree]C for > 5 consecutive days (Frich et al.
The accidence resulted in the death of the driver of the motorcycle and his companion.