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an embellishing note usually written in smaller size

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But there are differences too: Soler generally preferred modest tempos, rarely going to Scarlatti's extremes; he did not employ Scarlatti's characteristic acciaccatura to any great extent; and his sometimes astonishing modulations are even more daring than those of his teacher.
In the third section, the 'passing seventh' g' on the second and third quavers of bar 188 is still an a' in the early version, and whereas in the later version most of the acciaccaturas in bars 189-91 are chromatic, in the earliest version most are not.
6] and then continuing in a repeated pattern until the middle of the song, where the sound of the bells changes to slow chords preceded by acciaccaturas in the right hand high in the treble.
There is an intriguing paragraph on the use of acciaccaturas in opus 33 in general and opus 33, no.
The vocal line is very like a folk melody and contains the traditional "Scotch snap" as acciaccaturas on the beat.