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Synonyms for acciaccatura

an embellishing note usually written in smaller size

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He plays all petites notes as short acciaccaturas, since that is how Rubio has transcribed them; but most should be appoggiaturas.
The song contains only two schwas notated with a tie, and one with an acciaccatura.
Among the appoggiaturas, the acciaccatura must be distinguished.
In faster tempos, a trill takes the form of an acciaccatura which robs from the preceding note value.
Nigito here focuses on the use of acciaccaturas and Pasquini's appearance as an exemplar in later treatises by Benedetto Marcello and Francesco Gasparini.
In the third section, the 'passing seventh' g' on the second and third quavers of bar 188 is still an a' in the early version, and whereas in the later version most of the acciaccaturas in bars 189-91 are chromatic, in the earliest version most are not.
neighbor notes, appoggiaturas, acciaccaturas, inverted rhythms, inverted pitches, and ladders) in a manner consistent with rock; add, delete, or alter lyrics as needed; and experiment with intriguing and compelling breathing patterns.
There is an intriguing paragraph on the use of acciaccaturas in opus 33 in general and opus 33, no.