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accessory or adjoining anatomical parts or appendages to an organ (especially of the embryo)


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Beyond its high design and evident craftsmanship, the Crib is part of an alluring universe of small, secondary buildings planners call them accessory structures that can range from simple yoga spaces to home offices to weekend abodes.
This includes approving the design, fabrication and installation plans, as well as granting rights-of-way for pipelines and accessory structures that are wholly contained within the boundaries of a single lease, unitized leases, or contiguous leases under a single lessee or operator.
Demolition of six (6) residential structures and all secondary or accessory structures on each lot.
Brantford township, to rezone the lands from Village Residential (VR) to Village Residential with a Special Exception to permit a total area of all accessory structures of 185 square metres whereas 93 square metres was permitted, and a height of 5.
Created with the help of citizen advisory committees, the citywide rules would govern a subset of housing, such as secondary dwellings of no more than 800 square feet built on the same lots as existing homes, and the construction of detached garages, studios, sheds and other accessory structures.
The commissioners--recognizing that this policy was unnecessary, accomplished nothing and was burdening landowners --decided to change it so that landowners could build their accessory structures first.
The commission indicated that the tennis court parcel and others were included `to ensure that future development, including accessory structures and accessory parking areas, are consistent with the character of the district,'" the Appeals Court ruling said.
Tenders are invited for Work to be completed at drive consists of the replacement of an existing pump station with a new wastewater pump station including a new wet well, submersible pumps, controls , and accessory structures and appurtenances, along with a new force main serving the pump station and all associated site work and restoration.