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a duct connecting the pancreas with the intestine

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The top branch, known as the accessory pancreatic duct, also empties into the duodenum above the common bile duct.
Obstruction of the accessory pancreatic duct by protein deposition, (9) calcifications, and neoplasms have been described.
Characteristic firmness of the head of the pancreas, stenosis of the bile duct, and thickening of the second part of the duodenal wall are common; however, patency of the accessory pancreatic duct is not usually demonstrable.
Histologic findings were evaluated in a pancreatic polypeptide-rich area, named the ventral pancreas, because ampullary carcinomas are anatomically involved in the outflow of the pancreatic juice from Wirsung's duct or the main pancreatic duct but not from Santorini's duct or the accessory pancreatic duct.
6] In most patients, these changes were found only in the ventral pancreas, in which the pancreatic juice flows to the major duodenal papilla, and not in the dorsal pancreas in the head portion,[9,10] which drains from the minor papilla via the accessory pancreatic duct.