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arises from two sets of roots (cranial and spinal) that unite to form the nerve

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Spinal accessory nerve has been the most commonly used donor for restoration of shoulder abduction and external rotation with varying results in different centers16-18.
The shoulder syndrome mainly occurs as a result of the sectioning of the spinal accessory nerve (SAN) and the ensuing denervation of the upper trapezius muscle.
Ultrasonography of the accessory nerve: normal and pathologic findings in cadavers and patients with iatrogenic accessory nerve palsy.
Whereas haemorrhage chyle leak and accessory nerve palsy was noted in 1.
This subluxation pattern shows manifestation or dysfunction of the tissues involving the brainstem, the vagal nerve or cranial nerve 10 and the spinal accessory nerve or cranial nerve 11.
The muscles affected are principally those supplied by the spinal accessory nerve.
Spinal accessory nerve palsy commonly occurs as a result of iatrogenic injury, usually during lymph node excision in the posterior cervical triangle.
Oswaldo Suarez gets the credit for popularizing functional neck dissection where by the spinal accessory nerve is carefully preserved to the extent where tumor involvement allows.
She underwent left salvage modified radical neck dissection (levels II-V) with sacrifice of the internal jugular vein and sternocleidomastoid, with preservation of the accessory nerve.
Direct distal spinal accessory nerve (SAN) transfer into the suprascapular nerve outside the zone of injury represents our present reconstructive strategy of choice for reinnervation of the supraspinatus and infraspinatus in order to promote shoulder stability and restore active external rotation.
Bally on August 16, 2006, alleging that he negligently removed Donald's spiral accessory nerve during the 2002 surgical procedure.
Injury to important structures and nerves: all blood vessels and nerves located between the mandible and the sternoleidomastoid muscle are vulnerable to injury, specifically the mandibular branch of the facial nerve, the spinal branch of the accessory nerve and the greater auricular nerves.
8,11,20) The spinal accessory nerve is a cranial nerve which serves to innervate the trapezius muscle distal in its course.
Spinal accessory nerve affecting the scapulae had major involvement and minimal motor function.
The spinal accessory nerve came out Thursday at the hands of Brion Benninger, a surgeon at Oregon Health and Science University, for use in the school's neurological studies - research that could expand what we know about the human brain.
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