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any of various organs that synthesize substances needed by the body and release it through ducts or directly into the bloodstream

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It may also be because of infection, with inflammation of the male accessory glands, antisperm antibodies and men with ciliary dyskinesia (immotile cilia syndrome or Kartagener's syndrome).
In support of the sterile insect release program, we studied the effect of male accessory gland secretions on oviposition and mating receptivity in virgin females.
A deviation from the normal ultrastructural morphology was evident in the male accessory gland of adult flies cultured on food mixed with the 10.
Polyandry has been reported for various species of tephritid fruit flies, and efforts to explain this phenomenon have focused primarily on the respective roles of sperm stores and male accessory gland fluids.
Exposure to TCDD during development permanently alters reproductive function in male Long Evans rats and hamsters: reduced ejaculated and epididymal sperm numbers and sex accessory gland weights in offspring with normal androgenic status.
He had been initially treated with a right total parotidectomy and resection of the right accessory gland tumor with facial nerve preservation.
Testosterone maintains the mesonephric ducts and later causes the development of the accessory glands (seminal vesicle, prostate and paraurethral glands) and their connection to the urethra.
rodents, primates, marsupials, and bats), secretions from accessory glands form copulatory plugs, which are a coagulated mass of protein deposited in the vagina at the end of copulation (Ginsburg and Huck, 1989).
The aim of the present study was to confirm and to substantiate the present knowledge on the male reproductive system and sperm morphology and to present the first ultrastructural study of the genital chamber and its accessory glands.
He suspects the early exposures altered the development of the males' epididymis--a gonadal structure that stores sperm and plays a role in ejaculation--and possibly that of related sex accessory glands.
The sex peptide is produced in the males' accessory glands and attaches itself to the surface of the sperm's tail.