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More specifically, because of the macrophage's phagocytosis activity and ubiquitous presence throughout the body, it is also important to assess the effect DU may have on macrophage function as accessory cells to T-lymphocyte activation/proliferation.
Nonlymphoid and nonphagocytic follicular dendritic cells are among the accessory cells of the lymphoid system.
Qualitative and quantitative analyses of gonad histology indicate the developmental state of gametes and the extent of nutrient storage in the accessory cells (nutrient phagocytes).
"This syndrome is believed to be due to binding between certain portions of the antibody constant region and Fc receptors on accessory cells. Our invention precisely alters amino acid sequences in the Fc region of the antibody to reduce or eliminate this binding."
In female sea urchins, vitellogenin is reported to be incorporated into the nutritive phagocytes (accessory cells) in the previtellogenic ovary for temporary storage, and then transported to the oocytes to be accumulated as MYP (Ozaki et al., 1986; Harrington and Ozaki, 1986).