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Accessorized with cashmere jersey top, gloves and knee-length boots
Accessorized with black jockey cap, scarf, gloves and riding boots.
Accessorized with multiple necklaces, bracelets and mid-calf boots.
Accessorized with bronze pointed-toe, knee-length boots.
Accessorized with head wrap and alligator bag with long strap.
Accessorized with headband, red coral bracelet and stiletto sandals.
Accessorized with silver Raman style sandals that wrap up to the knee.
Left: Multicolor handkerchief halter top is worn over hot pants with large metal eyelets and accessorized with fringe sarong.
Accessorized with jeweled string bracelet with touch of royal blue that picks up riyal blue strap on black stilettos.
Accessorized with white beaded necklace and small drawstring purse.
Accessorized with wrist-length kid gloves, fox muff and dark sunglasses.
Tasteful glitz was evident in ensembles that exuded luxury and wealth, and a number of designs were accessorized with fur coats or fur trim.
Accessorized with giant fringed pansy at neck, by Valentino.
Accessorized with earrings and embroidered miniature top hat.