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Synonyms for accessory

Synonyms for accessory

a subordinate element added to another entity

one who assists a lawbreaker in a wrongful or criminal act

giving or able to give help or support

Synonyms for accessory

clothing that is worn or carried, but not part of your main clothing

aiding and abetting in a crime


Related Words

furnishing added support

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See TAMBINI & LEONARDI, supra note 8, at 1-18 (discussing rise in accessorily and speed of Internet with introduction of DSL and cable access); Mary Jo Patterson, Opponents of Milburn's Redevelopment Plan Turn to YouTube, N.
Next it's temped accessorily to avoid the heat accumulation at the end of the part.
Certainly, in Balzac, explicatory and moralizing discourse is still, most often (and whatever pleasure the author, and accessorily the reader, may take in this), narrowly subordinated to the interests of the narrative, and an equilibrium appears more or less to be maintained between these two forms of novelistic discourse; nevertheless, even held on leading-strings by an author who is very chatty but also very attentive to dramatic movement, discourse sprawls, proliferates, and often seems on the verge of drowning out the course of events that its function is to clarify.
In contrast, the vocation of the Quebec committees seems to be to engage in debate with the Ministers concerned during clause-by-clause examinations of bills and the examination of estimates and financial commitments and, accessorily, to consult the general public when asked to do so by the Government.
Associations include mostly blue hemimorphite and accessorily aurichalcite with some chrysocolla.