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(computer science) the interval between the time data is requested by the system and the time the data is provided by the drive

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BriteXPM offers an optimized solution for consumer electronics, combined faster random access time with cost effective, secure storage, and programming flexibility in the factory or the field, while still remaining true to the high quality and reliability," said Kilopass head of marketing, Linh Hong.
The 12ns access time permits operation at frequencies of 50MHz and higher.
Both products are available with access times ranging from 13ns to 25ns, and come in 52-pin PLCC packages.
E-Disk(R) enterprise-class features make it the ideal high-performance direct attached storage (DAS) device for SAN arrays that require fast access time and reliability," Pasion adds.
Optical disk has been squeezed from the general storage hierarchy, as it has not kept pace with magnetic disk and tape developments in areal density, price, access time, and performance.
The drive features a sub-300 millisecond access time, 300KB/second data transfer rate, advanced audio capabilities and other performance enhancements.
MIC can cut total data access time by up to 50 percent compared to conventional methods.
announced the first Solid-State Disk for the mainframe virtual storage market with a 45MB capacity and an average access time of .
Sharp Corporation's IC Group announced today that it has developed a high-speed 128Mbit NOR Flash memory that features the fastest access time available to date.
TM), the established pioneer in introducing innovative flash drive solid state disk storage solutions, today announced they are joining efforts in identifying and resolving application input/output (I/O) and access time bottlenecks by deploying a best of breed, highly efficient integrated solid state disk (SSD) and storage management software solution.