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(computer science) the interval between the time data is requested by the system and the time the data is provided by the drive

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As far as access times are concerned we note that the Seagate desktop SSHD performs better than the Laptop SSHD.
The new technology applies to distributed object storage*, and in test cases of access concentrations on the Internet, has been proven to ease those concentrations by approximately 70%, resulting in an improvement in access times of tenfold or greater.
This drive, which retails for $765, also has a 280 ms average random access time for text searches.
With additional guard banding, the certified XPM has a relatively slow performance of 70ns access time, but can often out-live the silicon it is embedded in.
Axonix - a longtime provider of portable CD-ROM drives for notebook computers - has both 4x and 6x variants, with an amazing 160-ms access time.
We've seen disks with an average access time of 5-10 milliseconds (ms) for many years now.
Access time is perhaps a solid-state disk's most important parameter and the MegaRam-35 has an access time of 35 microseconds (0.
In long-term data retention, raw access time becomes less important and data authenticity and trust-worthiness, timely access to data and low Total Cost of Ownership come to the forefront.
Known as a leader in speed with a 280 millisecond access time in the M Series of CD-ROM readers, NEC has raised the bar by arming its new readers with unique MultiSpin technology and additional safety and upgradability features.
VT-Stream's hybrid circuit/packet solution improves the customer experience by reducing content access time by up to 90% over pure packet based applications for streaming media.