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(computer science) the interval between the time data is requested by the system and the time the data is provided by the drive

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In this study, the access time, compression time, ambulation time, the amount of contrast material used, fluoroscopy time, interventional procedural time, and the number of catheters used were recorded and compared between the two groups.
In Section 2, formalized concepts are presented for cost, access time, and energy analysis over big data in hybrid cloud.
Average access times (Skin-to-vein) were significantly reduced in the ultrasound group of patients compared with the landmark group (p<0.001).
L2 cache: L2 cache is a larger but slower SRAM of access time
This model makes it convenient to efficiently evaluate the mean access time of the generated broadcast program.
This automates what had previously been a manual approach for dealing with popularity spikes, and can limit slowdowns in access times. The new technology applies to distributed object storage*, and in test cases of access concentrations on the Internet, has been proven to ease those concentrations by approximately 70%, resulting in an improvement in access times of tenfold or greater.
Context Classification Value Information User Location Outside 0.00 Branch office 0.25 Head office 0.50 Access Time Off hour 0.00 Working hour 0.50 Smart phone Bad 0.00 performance Average 0.50 Good 1.00 * If user location and access time exceed 0.0, request additional authentication (OTP).
In cases that the data transmission time accounts for a large part of the total access time, the total access time is highly dependent on the throughput.
Access time frames for every individual source are compared against the delivery deadline set by the client.
If you use up all your credits before your 90 days are up, you can buy a further 30 for pounds 6 and your access time is extended for a further 90 consecutive days.
It is key to understand the requirements of the service; is it merely a cost reduction in the storage of patient's images, or is it a higher quality of patient care encompassing faster access time to records.
The new version now includes Internet Access and Computer Access Time Controls and will be released automatically to its entire customer base.
The modules are offered in both 2.7V and 1.8V ranges, with a fast read access time of 70ns.
Administration options include access time management, session monitoring and reviewing, capability to set restrictions by IP and domain address, sending messages to currently connected users, forced online session disconnection and termination, and overtaking control.
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