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a short road giving access to an expressway


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The planned primary access road linking Ramallah and Rawabi contains a 2.
Frost was concerned that Auburn could become the airport's "default access," unless the city did what it pledged to do years ago and created an access road within the city.
Labour's Joan Burton said: "Although the grand opening of the Dunboyne rail line has been scheduled for September 2, it now appears that the Hansfield station, which was to serve the growing population centres of Ongar and Littlepace, will remain unopened until the property developer concerned provides the agreed access road.
In the process of developing the property, Jade sought a permit to build an access road that would dead end into Boyce Road, a minor public road in Eliot, forming a T-shaped intersection.
It is hoped that the development of a new multi-storey car park and staff access road will also stop people parking outside homes close to the hospital site.
The access road is at the traffic light junction on Park Road which also provides access to the Middleton Grange Shopping Centre.
And the hotel's previous owner had refused permission for an access road to be built through the grounds.
Local contractors and tradespeople are involved in building 132 wind mills at Brookfield Power's Prince Wind Farm on Lake Superior with about 70 kilometres of access road being built in the western outskirts of the city in to the site.
The original submission to Birmingham City Council's planning department outlined details of a mixed development, comprising retail space, offices, a library, leisure facilities, storage, a technology park, residential, petrol station and an access road, as well as reconstruction of the canal.
Paranagua has repaved and widened the port's access road and has also tendered the construction of an 820-meter dock as well as a 107,000-ton grain silo.
Agency engineers administered design of the entrance and bridge over Warwick River as part of the Defense Access Road Program.
ARTS resurfaced existing roads and constructed new roads at the South Carolina Botanical Gardens; constructed a stress-absorbing membrane interlayer (SAMI) on an access road for Clemson University's Outdoor Laboratory; and paved parking lots and access roads for the ARTS research facility.
Local routes around Birmingham International Airport will be disrupted in the coming month as engineers complete the next stage of a multi-million pound access road scheme.
The north portal aligns with the major east-west access road from the highway which passes through the building and continues on into the vineyard.
Tenders are invited for Design Caragele Access Road Borers 16 and 29 Caragele