access road

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a short road giving access to an expressway


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5 kilometre access roads would be completed by the end of February.
Madeja added that the said project was implemented in three phases: Phase I Construction/Improvement of Access road to Borongan - Llorente Closed Canopy Forest Area (including construction of bridge, slope protection and drainage) from Barangay Lapgap Barangay Maytigbao, Maydolong with an appropriation cost of P100-M.
Comrade Adeyanju said: 'We waited and endured very harrowing experiences on the access roads to the Ports in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Calabar and Warri, hoping upon hopes that the government will at least, do a quick fix on the roads to make them motorable.
The fifth district proposed the upgrading of the access road leading to the Binadlan Falls in Binalbagan in 2018.
Kalaw Avenue can be reduced by up to 28 percent with the opening of the access road.
Spoke to one traveller, said they would soon move on - said didn't realise HGVs used as access road.
That led to a decision to expropriate, for military use, the land on which the original access road was built.
That'll be because anyone with half a brain wouldn't need a sign to tell them not to park across a private access road.
Interestingly, the route of the access road also goes across an area designated for a doctors surgery.
From there, vehicles will use the existing tarmac access road on Wigg Island.
The contract to construct the new access road is due to be completed during the summer, with 30 workers from Jones Bros working on the project at any one time, as well as locally recruited labour.
A DEAL which will pave the way for a crucial second access road to Barry Island will be signed before the end of the month.
The accident happened at 2pm on Friday when the avalanche fell near the access road to the Cairngorm mountain ski access road, which was closed to the public for the fourth day.
Muse Developments will apply for planning permission in January to build an access road to the former Billy Pit colliery site via the Blue Flames leisure centre on Whitley Road.
The turf was officially cut yesterday marking the start of work on Wrexham''s Industrial Estate access road project.