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Synonyms for porthole

a window in a ship or airplane

an opening (in a wall or ship or armored vehicle) for firing through

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The treestand is completely self-contained with: 1) a 22x34x30-inch enclosed camo blind; 2) an attached, telescoping ladder that puts the treestand at over 14 feet; and 3) an easy access door in the carpeted floor.
The Access Door Control object type was voted out of committee last year, and these seven additional proposals complete the scope of the Access Control application.
There may be a necessity to replace existing access door if existing deemed defective.
The tool-less side entry access door allows for safe and easy cleaning of the unit and simple access to the filter media for fast changeover.
The Patient Room Access Door, offered by Ceco Door and CURRIES is a workable solution that has aesthetic flexibility and meets required industry codes.
Open the engine access door and you'll see the tank mounted next to the radiator on your right.
The plans also include proposals for white UPVC windows and a painted timber access door to the rear of the building.
A planetary gearbox generates the high torque required by cold planers, and maintenance is a breeze with an easy-open access door for maintenance of the 89 picks on the drum.
One unit has a large yard, while both units have seven metre eaves and a two-level access door.
One enclosure surrounds the pan access door and the second the exhaust plenum access door.
Firefighters who opened an access door at the bottom of the chimney expected to find Grace dead.
A field service access door allows easy access to program the unit and perform diagnostics.
Hinged media access door, adjustable factory-mounted and pre-wired timer in NEMA 4 enclosure, compressed air header and internal piping, radial entry air product inlet stub and magnahelic differential pressure gauge are standard features.
You can gel a real "eyeful" from the turn-tabs that hold the transmission filter's access door in place
Pan removal and installation is simple and requires no tools; pans are easily removed through the front access door.