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Synonyms for porthole

a window in a ship or airplane

an opening (in a wall or ship or armored vehicle) for firing through

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They carry all kinds of drywall panels like flush, all-purpose, insulated aluminum, aesthetic, and fire-rated access doors. Their fire-rated doors can withstand heat for 3 hours in a non-combustible setting and an hour in a combustible setting.
The front access door pivots freely, forward and aft.
There is an access door to rear aspect and gardens.
After double-checking the dipstick's security and closing the access door, I strapped myself back in, cranked up and went through the pre-taxi process again.
So the following night when all the other chickens were upstairs asleep, I opened the access door for feed and water and left it open all night hoping she would come in by herself.
Tires filled with dirt are stacked 5 feet high on either side of the access door.
In fact two males - who I think must have been involved with setting up the sound system - continued to talk by the access door to the memorial during the whole two minutes.
Access to the outlet spout is facilitated by an interlocked access door. The Bulk Bag Discharger is furnished with pneumatically operated outlet spout pinch bars.
The Easy Access Door System integrates the central body pillars into the doors of the Ford multi-activity vehicle to create 1.5-metre wide unobstructed openings on either side of the car.
So the frameless glass access door systems often used in the construction of commercial and public sector projects to maximise internal light are now viable for residential applications.
The stainless-steel roof, side panels, and engine access door provide added durability and corrosion resistance and make the machine easy to service.
A field service access door allows easy access to program the unit and perform diagnostics.
* Exhibition Hall's largest access door will be 28 ft.
The treestand is completely self-contained with: 1) a 22x34x30-inch enclosed camo blind; 2) an attached, telescoping ladder that puts the treestand at over 14 feet; and 3) an easy access door in the carpeted floor.
The two improvements, one to the filter access door hardware and the other to the filter clamping system, are said to provide enhanced ease of use, safety and reliability, at no added cost to customers.