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a code (a series of characters or digits) that must be entered in some way (typed or dialed or spoken) to get the use of something (a telephone line or a computer or a local area network etc


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Customers log onto the site as usual with their user ID and password but will be asked to press the button on the Access Code Device to generate and enter a unique code, rather than their 'Memorable Information'.
While this still occurs, hackers of all ages usually obtain and enter access codes on computer bulletin boards, newsletters, and specialty magazines as a way of showing off their prowess.
Interested parties may participate in the conference call by dialing 800-510-0178 (international: 617-614-3450) and entering access code 43911983, 5 to 10 minutes prior to the initiation of the call.
To access the conference call, dial (800) 561-2731 (USA) or (617) 614-3528 (International) and use the access code 14023500.
The telephone dial-in number is (877) 502-9274 or (913) 981-5584 (international) access code #9448230; and
Investors may participate in the conference call by dialing 800-510-0178 and entering the access code of 39945421 or by logging onto the investor relations section of the IASG website at www.