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Synonyms for access

Synonyms for access

the right to enter or make use of

a sudden violent expression, as of emotion

a sudden and often acute manifestation of a disease

Synonyms for access

the right to enter

the right to obtain or make use of or take advantage of something (as services or membership)

Related Words

a way of entering or leaving

a code (a series of characters or digits) that must be entered in some way (typed or dialed or spoken) to get the use of something (a telephone line or a computer or a local area network etc

(computer science) the operation of reading or writing stored information

the act of approaching or entering

obtain or retrieve from a storage device

reach or gain access to

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Open Access is divided into ten chapters, the first being a summary of what constitutes open access literature--namely 'digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions' (p.
In the United States, the obligations of consular notification and access provided for in the Vienna Convention, as well as other bilateral consular treaties, are binding on federal, state, and local governments by virtue of the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution.
Will university students enrolled in a studio art course, who access the edublog, follow specific links related to their instruction?
DOH and DSHS cultivated this support over a period of more than 15 years, using clinical and programmatic evidence to convince state policymakers of the benefits of improving access to family planning services.
* Password-protected files: These can be used to protect spreadsheets, for example, from unauthorized access.
Despite the assumed alleviation Plan B would have on these unhappy realities, the argument for barring teens from over-the-counter access to the drug should be closely considered.
* Remote access. This links a remote user to an organization's network via its server or desktop PCs and provides full network access from any place with an Internet connection.
When they were first installed, folks could sit in the parking lot if they wanted to get some access," says Marie Scigliano, the director of technology for the district.
Access to services is affected when funding agencies use inconsistent and contradictory definitions of who is eligible.
Vernier's EdgeWall security appliance is the industry's only clientless network access management product that defends against intrusions and attacks on the network by screening users and devices, restricting access and enforcing access policy.
In addition to the traditional administrative information on employees, payroll information, network access, and e-mail, pharmaceutical companies retain a large number of records pertaining to their research and development activities: laboratory notebook data from pre-clinical research, case report forms and trial master files from clinical research activities--as well as large databases of raw and surrogate clinical data.
While enterprises have implemented access controls and tighter infrastructure management provisions, such safeguards fall short of protecting the tape media itself.
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