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(chemistry) in the formation of a coordinate bond it is the compound to which electrons are donated

the person (or institution) who accepts a check or draft and becomes responsible for paying the party named in the draft when it matures

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They also typically use fullerenes as the acceptor material due to its high electron mobility and inherent talent for accepting stable electrons.
Organic solar cell efficiency depends on how easily an exeiton - the energy particle created when light is absorbed by the material - can find the interface between the donor and acceptor molecules within the cell.
These studies showed both efficient energy transfers from the donor to the acceptor, as well as spatial confinement of the excitons in the acceptor polymers [10].
IK said in a press release it would combine Acceptor and Credence Trust with its portfolio company Vistra, providing fund administration, trust and corporate services in Europe, in a move to create a leader in the global trust and corporate services sector, with a staff of 500 employees.
A succinimidyl ester of a small-molecular acceptor dye, Alexa Fluor 680 (AF680) (Molecular Probes, Invitrogen Corp.
Donor--acceptor--pair luminescence radiation is used, which in its dependence on the pair separation distance reflects the geometrical arrangement of neighboring delta-doped layers provided both donors and acceptors are present in each sheet.
The excited donor (D*) can relax either by re-emission of a photon or by transferring its excitation energy to a nearby acceptor (A) to produce an excited acceptor state (A*).
Part 1 identified the respondent as a handbill acceptor or nonacceptor.
Walsh, head of the contract services department logistics directorate at the National Naval Medical Center Bethesda, and the WAWF group administrator and acceptor, enjoys the availability of the implementation team, describing implementation as "seamless and transparent.
The carbohydrates used included three new preparations synthesized from alternansucrase (asr)--maltose acceptor product, raffinose acceptor product and low mass alternan--and three commercial products: Benefiber, Fibersol-2 and Neosugar.
Charlie Mann supplies the remaining acceptor in the shape of nine-year- old Dunston Bill.
based MEI, a developer of electronic cash payment systems, says its cash acceptor has been installed in 69 coin-counting kiosks in grocery stores in Sacramento, Calif.
Television acceptors are more likely to become players or rejecters in each of the other three media than they are to remain an acceptor.
2] sufficiently chang es the acceptor levels and electronic coupling efficiencies to produce cells with absorbed photon-to-current efficiencies approaching 40 %, constant across the visible spectrum.