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tolerating without protest

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Most famously, both Webb (2006) and Alan Reynolds (2006, 2007) have taken up their charge that "the top one percent now takes in an astonishing 16 percent of national income, up from eight percent in 1980," the former acceptingly and the latter critically.
That phrase had special meaning for both of us who embraced so acceptingly the notion that time really was much more malleable than most would admit.
Tylor has acceptingly defined culture as "That complex whole, which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities and habit acquired by man as a member of society".
Live acceptingly of yourself as a wonderful, unique and special person with gifts to offer the world.
If so, then it's probably best to deal with them calmly and acceptingly. Have a word with his nursery teacher and ask her about what he is like at school.
Such creative form, then, is God's work, and the work of man only in so far as he makes himself available to the divine action without opposition, acceptingly, allowing God to act, concurring in his work.