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tolerating without protest

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The post UAE retailers see increased foot traffic since accepting digital payments appeared first on
Sajjad sadi: 'Despite clear decision of the Supreme Court, they are not accepting the University of Karachi's degrees.
In the second half of 2018, Serbia, Montenegro and Jamaica started accepting UnionPay cards.
Whether we're facing a minor problem or a major difficulty, the first step to moving forward is accepting reality just as it is.
Not accepting reality can leave you miserable SOMETIMES, life gives us lemons.
Summary: Most people confuse being accepting for being submissive
People in Eastern European countries, who are least accepting of migrants in general, are also among the most strongly opposed to accepting any Syrian refugees in their countries.
However, acceptance varied by the patient's expected payment source: 94.2% of physicians accepting new patients accepted privately insured patients, 77.4% accepted new Medicare patients, and 71.6% accepted new Medicaid patients.
The biggest problem for individuals and merchants globally is accepting credit cards and bitcoins from anyone in the world seamlessly.
TIGHTENING the noose on top babus on accepting freebies, the Centre has now asked IAS and IPS officers to take prior permission from it before accepting gifts, including free transportation, boarding and lodging, worth more than ` 5,000.
As per details, the Speaker will be enquiring PTIMNAs on telephone about their willingness of resignations and then he will be accepting the resignations.
The recruitment centre in the A'Dhahirah Governorate invited (30) jobseekers to attend job interviews, (24) of them showed up, and (7) job seekers accepted the job offered to them with one job seeker accepting the self-employment opportunity offered by 'Sanad' programme.
I do not know why we don't build on this wisdom and say, "If only Sadat had accepted the occupation of Sinai and had not waged the October 1973 War that liberated it." For accepting the fait accompli imposed by Israel -- embodied by statements such as "if only we had accepted the partition" and "if only Nasser had accepted peace" -- totally contradicts the acceptance of waging the October War, which was meant to change this reality, not to accept it.
Govaerts and Dransfield (2005), in accepting all four French Guyanan species (A.
You may learn that it has started accepting a wider range of plastics than you thought.