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Synonyms for acceptation

Synonyms for acceptation

acceptance as true or valid

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the accepted meaning of a word

the act of accepting with approval

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Absolute is the most interpretive translation, parfait remains closest, but lacks the acceptation of completeness.
les acceptations en reassurance avec 187,29 millions DH contre 163,20 millions en 2011, enregistrant ainsi une progression de 14,76%.
II y a evidemment recoupements entre ces deux acceptations du terme, les dominants assumant generalement qu'ils doivent leur influence a leurs qualites, reelles ou supposees.
This is not to claim that humanistic knowledge, and more particularly the various acceptations of race and sex, do not pre-exist psychoanalysis.
The section on Plato ("The Architectonic as Arche") contains meditations on the general notion of "beginning," of genesis in pre-Socratic thought, of arche in the Timaeus, and finally on chora in its various acceptations as receptacle, medium, and space.