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Synonyms for acceptation

Synonyms for acceptation

acceptance as true or valid

Related Words

the accepted meaning of a word

the act of accepting with approval

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Absolute is the most interpretive translation, parfait remains closest, but lacks the acceptation of completeness.
The section on Plato ("The Architectonic as Arche") contains meditations on the general notion of "beginning," of genesis in pre-Socratic thought, of arche in the Timaeus, and finally on chora in its various acceptations as receptacle, medium, and space.
A visit to the baing might indeed polish your salade, your helmet (English sallet)--but only if salade is understood in one of its common metaphorical acceptations, as meaning the penis.
Pasta salads and fresh pasta appeared to be an exciting new development but he reports that local acceptations. But salad sales indicate that Dierbergs shoppers are finding plenty in the varied assortment that satisfies them: The Creve Coeur store sells an average of over 300 gallons of salads a week.
They challenge the traditional acceptations, which for him have become sterile and are no longer thought provoking.