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Synonyms for acceptation

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Synonyms for acceptation

acceptance as true or valid

Related Words

the accepted meaning of a word

the act of accepting with approval

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According to list of acceptation form, received to Daily Messenger for PS83, 21 and PS 84 were also 21 form accepted and for PS-85, 25, for PS-polling station 86, 19 form have been accepted
Comme la plupart d'entre vous le savent, le journal envisage la publication de manuscrits a condition qu'ils aient ete soumis uniquement au CANNT Journal; sur acceptation du materiel presente, les auteurs cedent leurs droits d'auteur au CANNT Journal.
During the conference, Habtoor said "the human sciences have evolved throughout history in reading the reality and organizing an idea to discuss and criticize for acceptation or rejection".
Input linguistic variables of the access fuzzy controller are the effective capacity (E) and offered cell load (O); its output variable is the probability for call acceptation, rejection, or transfer (P).
Patient's aesthetic acceptation data was collected by asking question to patient whether satisfied or not.
Herbal medicine can be highly beneficial in supporting many conventional medical protocols but gaining acceptation may sometimes prove challenging.
Mais il peut y avoir une forme dejubilation dans l'acceptation de ces caracteristiques propres a l'humaine nature.
"After that incident of Pathankot, it was a natural and legitimate acceptation of both the governments and the people of India, that there should be concrete action from Pakistan which has not denied of the involvement of its nationals in the attack," Swarup added.
The Bengzon ruling obviously took the ordinary acceptation of the word reacquire, which means getting back exactly the same thing that one once had and lost!
Needles to say the importance of manuscript parts, English level and images readability to the acceptation of submissions.
After the acceptation of nomination papers, the election activities in UC Her Cha Dhab have expedited.
So naturally he played all the instruments on his solo offering, with the acceptation of drums that were done by his Arcade Fire bandmate Jeremy Gara.
l'acceptation correspondante est du domaine de ces exceptions.