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Synonyms for acceptability

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Synonyms for acceptability

satisfactoriness by virtue of conforming to approved standards

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However, tortillas made with a higher content of sprouted whole-wheat flour were brighter, more opaque and received higher sensory scores for color, flavor and overall acceptability.
Although several researchers have assessed monetary-based health treatment acceptability, only a few, recent studies have shown them to be acceptable.
Americans have been growing more liberal in their attitudes on many moral issues over time, but views on the moral acceptability of cloning animals have been steady across Gallup's 17-year trend.
This study looked into concerns regarding the extent of dissemination, awareness, and acceptability of LDCU's revised vision and mission as well as the College of Arts and Sciences' objectives.
While the most ideal the better (the objective approach) method was used for the tenderness, juiciness and WBS values in the normalization process, the lowest the best (the minimum approach) method was used for flavour and NCBS in the normalization process and the highest the best (the maximum approach) method for the acceptability in the normalization process.
Next - says the core Welsh document on transport planning (WelTAG) - public acceptability of the proposal will be a key test.
A possible explanation for the use of such techniques may lie in parental views regarding the acceptability and/or effectiveness of different parenting strategies, of which little is known.
Each of the early ARBs was accompanied by a caveat stating that their authority rested on their general acceptability, again, without definition or elaboration.
The researchers found that all four areas they identified as potential contributors to user satisfaction (ease of use, side effects, expulsion, effects on sex and intercourse) were significantly associated with contraceptive acceptability (measured by method satisfaction, correct use, and continuation).
In passing the suspension measure, the SP members agreed that the imposition of the seasonal control sidestepped their function to determine its social acceptability based on Republic Act 7611, better known as the Strategic Environmental Plan (SEP) for Palawan
This article sets out to present the design and some of the results of the research carried out for the PhD thesis entitled "Acquisition of Translation Competence and Translation Acceptability", supervised by Amparo Hurtado and Wilhelm Neunzig at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.
While the promotion of the female condom seems obvious in this context, global health agencies often express their concern about the low acceptability and low usage rates of the female condom (11-13).
This study was set up to inquire how French people judge the acceptability of executive compensations as a function of the variables that are used to calculate compensations in large companies.
There has been little research on the acceptability of the texture-modified diet or its impact on quality of life.
Global Banking News-July 18, 2014--ING economist proposes measures to enhance acceptability of bitcoin