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Synonyms for accentuation

special weight placed upon something considered important

Synonyms for accentuation

the use or application of an accent

the act of giving special importance or significance to something

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Summary: The update for the MINI 3 door, the MINI 5 door and the MINI Convertible includes fresh design accentuations, innovations in the field of drive technology and additional customisation options.
Among the surveyed patients of the first main group (arterial hypertension, AH) the following types of character accentuations were dominant: emotive (69.52 6 4.2%), anxiety (49.38 6 4.8%), demonstrative (37.46 6 5.1%), getting stuck (59.85 6 4.8%), hyperthymic (29.33 6 4.7%).
In his account, he opted for darker accentuations, which was by no means detrimental to the sound, with the main forte being the interplay and balance, between the groups of instruments.
The vehicle is finished in a matte black with the same golden copper-coloured accentuations, but to a lesser degree than those on the X-Trail.
When several alternatives of stress are possible (the composer will have already eliminated some by applying certain words to the strong beats of the bar, others to the weak) the artistic powers of the singer are brought out by the way in which he rejects some accentuations and retains others.
The striking accentuations for the exterior are supplemented with a sporty interior ambience.
In characterizing premorbid personality traits we were using the classification of psychopathy by Gannushkin (1933), Kerbikova (1965) and classification of character accentuations Licko (1977).
The night is full of interpretations and accentuations that catch you on the hop as they tickle your chuckle muscle.
The new striking design accentuations give the exterior a sportier and more athletic look, from the striking v-shaped character lines on the bonnet which draws attention to the kidney grille.
Andrew Greenwood conducts a compact, well-rehearsed orchestra with a sympathetic feel for the music's colours and varying rhythmic accentuations, and Michael Barry's production is constantly alive with detail and period flavour (including authentic Renaissance balletic movement).
This question leads us to offer the following theoretical speculations in which we characterize career paths toward involvement in honors programs as a series of initial attractions and subsequent accentuations.
However, around 1600 the word had two accentuations, with stress either on the first or on the second syllable; see H.
But the black trims bordering the belt line and windows are still there for accentuations. As for the equally stunning rear end, just like the front part, it received a substantial makeover.
The model features a dual tone finish of black and white with golden copper-coloured accentuations below the front and rear lower bumper and on the side skirts, golden copper finish on the 20-inch machined alloy wheels, and a front end with revised grille with twin projector headlamps and LED DRLs along with LED DRLs as fog lights on the lower bumper.
Even though the basic speed is among the slowest I am familiar with, within a single movement incredible things are happening--slight modifications, with none of the phrases being ordinary or flat, and immense dynamism, unexpected accentuations and phrasing that I have not previously heard.