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Synonyms for accentuation

special weight placed upon something considered important

Synonyms for accentuation

the use or application of an accent

the act of giving special importance or significance to something

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If his scores are full of groans, chirps, and howls, it is because he scrupulously recorded those sounds and their quirky, off-balance accentuations.
While numerous writers have criticized Brahms's technique, Stark boldly suggests that singers should compensate for some of the composer's ungainly accentuations (pp.
Any accentuation of the reign likewise accentuates the chu rch.
So, too, on page 37, the question of the postclassical accentuation of words such as pone in order to distinguish the adverbial form from the imperative pone, is a matter of opposition (as in import, import).
36) implies something other than "careful" pronunciation by some clerics, and the quotations following show that indeed, Latin accentuation was often a shambles; yet they cannot be held to show that it was traduced differently in verse and song.