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Synonyms for accentuation

special weight placed upon something considered important

Synonyms for accentuation

the use or application of an accent

the act of giving special importance or significance to something

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This is not to mention the economic dislocation that could result from a termination of the North American Free Trade Agreement, or from the accentuation of other protectionist tendencies, whether by the United States or by another big country.
Provided this assumption is correct, then changes in antidiabetic medication in diabetic patients with malaria, particularly in its chronic form, should be performed with greater accentuation of structured self-monitoring of glycaemia than usual.
Moreover, accentuation by administrative bodies to keep up the quality of medical devices given to the general population is quickly getting to be noticeably stringent and unwieldy to deal with.
Our accentuation here is on customizing the Burlington electrical answers for suit your specific needs.
She said that the exhibitions addressed a wide range of themes with special focus on accentuation and projecting of Pakistan's history, heritage, culture, architecture, language, social issues, tourist attractions and education.
During his speech, Shoukry emphasized that Egypt's intention to develop an all embracing vision to wisely manage change through the accentuation of the role of the state institution in contributing to the stability of the adjacent states and their people, Which was highlighted in Egypt's commitment to its current stance against Qatar and its keenness to get Doha to stop supporting and giving a safe haven to terrorism, stressing Egypt's constant vision in respecting the countries' sovereignty and rejecting any act of interference in any countries' own internal affairs.
In patients with skin of color, blanching of the skin may be helpful to detect erythema, lichenification, follicular accentuation, and hypopigmentation (all of which are more common than in lighter-skinned patients).
Shmishek, designed to diagnose the type of accentuation of the character of a person;
The SUV features a wide front bumper, plastic cladding, wheel arch accentuation, a rear with a set of horizontally placed LED tail lamps, the signature Mercedes-Benz bumper design with two exhaust tips and a diffuser, and a large central screen with Apple Car Play.
Through a programme ( Prakalp) called Gunatmak Sanchalan or accentuation of values or value- addition, the RSS has sieved its activists to arrive at the best through a process of step- by- step elimination in a number of subjects like martial arts, organising potential and more academic disciplines such as poetry, debating and science.
Les credits bancaires ont affiche une croissance en baisse de 1,8% en moyenne en 2015 avec accentuation de la baisse dans le creneau relatif des credits accordes aux societes non financieres privees et stabilisation des credits aux menages.
A useful addition to the text is a chart that compares English, German, Italian, and French enunciation; for each language, a word that is similar in the four languages (such as "moment," which is der Moment, momento, and moment, respectively) is transcribed with accentuation.
Wage increases will have a cost, the accentuation of inflation which begins to take wider dimensions.
Cut corners are no longer visible, circular or irregular patterns are possible, and new opportunities surface for transparency, metallic accentuation and opaque lettering.