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Synonyms for accentuation

special weight placed upon something considered important

Synonyms for accentuation

the use or application of an accent

the act of giving special importance or significance to something

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With the rate of change of G namely oxygen consumption defined as the accentuation term and the dissipation term, we are sure that the rate of change of oxygen consumption is always positive.
The proposed mechanism for J wave development is cold-induced accentuation of the action potential of M and epicardial cells, creating the J wave.
Following the recent outcome of Switzerland's referendum, the frequent debates on accentuation of religious and cultural symbols of certain communities, it seems as if the world, more than ever, needs a joint call for dialogue, mutual respect and understanding.
Following Allanbrook's call to consider historical tendencies, he notes that the preferred accentuation changed over the course of the eighteenth century.
One is the accentuation of ethnic and caste identities propelled by the need for political mobilisation.
Also composition is described as a specific group of criteria that includes scale, proportions, colour scheme, accentuation and general layout.
Conditioning products that naturally promote lash growth are another booming area of eye accentuation.
In this way those of Takahiro Kato with their severe forms emanating from a clay left unglazed in certain areas, the soft glaze runs on their sides in contrast with those of Tateki Kawaguchi where the vibrations of the glaze with its rusty iron accentuation highlight the sides of the object.
In his visible accentuation of the setting's artificiality, he demonstrates that any identity is constructed and is thus only a role, but also that no "freedom" can be derived from this insight--the hierarchically structured rules of behavior maintain their force.
The section appropriately covers the accentuation of vulnerability of dalit women.
In the post-colonial era, failure to solve disputes left behind by a hasty partition led to a deliberate accentuation of negative images for purposes of hostile mobilisation of peoples.
It is seen that liberalization has contributed to an accentuation of intra-state rural and urban inequalities.
However, this accentuation on so-called rational and balanced thinking has proven to be little more than a sinister means to pressure the oppressed to accept the position of the oppressor.
As he defined it, "An ideal type is formed by the one-sided accentuation of one or more points of view and by the synthesis of a great many diffuse, discrete, more or less present and occasionally absent concrete individual phenomena, which are arranged according to those one-sidedly emphasized viewpoints into a unified analytical construct.
Throughout, Lake uses Spanish terminology but is not careful with her definitions and even less so with spelling and accentuation.