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Synonyms for accentuation

special weight placed upon something considered important

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Synonyms for accentuation

the use or application of an accent

the act of giving special importance or significance to something

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Bluish white veil like WS, blue gray dots, perifollicular scaling and accentuation of honey comb pattern is highly suggestive of LPP, while keratin plugs and branching vessels in DLE.
En consequence, le deficit du compte courant ressortirait en accentuation a 4,4% du PIB au terme de cette annee au lieu de 3,6% en 2017.
The device's rear panel features a plastic build and similar to some Nubia handsets, the Pocophone F1's camera enclosure sports a red accentuation around the edges.
In the standard halogen headlights, a striking accentuation is added by means of a black panel.
The 10-year-visa policy announced this week by the UAE opens up new vistas of enduring opportunities in many domains, but the health and education sectors, understandably, enjoy a particular accentuation. The longevity of the visa for highly skilled health professionals directly translates into an enhanced profile of specialised, intensive, health-care skills that are critical assets, particularly in the lead-up to the UAE's 2021 National Agenda goals.
Pick plunging neck numbers to make sure you give your figure the accentuation it deserves.
Mahmood who takes a different approach to the accentuation of colour by shining it on small human figures in moody architectural tableaus of black, white, and grey.
The attitude of discrimination is nothing short of 'machismo-an exaggerated sense of masculinity or unwarranted accentuation of male ego.' Unfortunately, men have found it most expedient to suppress the role and potential of women even in religious cycles.
Bright silver on the skid plates definitely takes the accentuation to the next level.
Provided this assumption is correct, then changes in antidiabetic medication in diabetic patients with malaria, particularly in its chronic form, should be performed with greater accentuation of structured self-monitoring of glycaemia than usual.
Our accentuation here is on customizing the Burlington electrical answers for suit your specific needs.
She said that the exhibitions addressed a wide range of themes with special focus on accentuation and projecting of Pakistan's history, heritage, culture, architecture, language, social issues, tourist attractions and education.
During his speech, Shoukry emphasized that Egypt's intention to develop an all embracing vision to wisely manage change through the accentuation of the role of the state institution in contributing to the stability of the adjacent states and their people, Which was highlighted in Egypt's commitment to its current stance against Qatar and its keenness to get Doha to stop supporting and giving a safe haven to terrorism, stressing Egypt's constant vision in respecting the countries' sovereignty and rejecting any act of interference in any countries' own internal affairs.