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Synonyms for accentuate




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Synonyms for accentuate

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Synonyms for accentuate

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CHARMING High Meadows offers individually designed, contemporary accommodation on three floors, accentuating the views over adjacent countryside.
He also engages language--a language that is without function, occurring as it were offscreen and with no apparent link to the image; yet like a movie subtitle or a thought bubble, some word is inscribed there, accentuating the work's indeterminate quality.
Masson's strichrome staining or an S-100 protein and glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) are most helpful in accentuating the neural tissue in the background fibrosis (figure 2).
With staggered cantilevered glass panels allowing cross ventilation and with vertical fritting accentuating the illusion of shimmering desert light, its form represents the cubic structure of the salt molecule--and so is a symbol of the life-giving process of desalination.
Version four in A major is labeled a "study on black and white keys," with intense chromaticism accentuating constant left-hand figures.
Kevin Burns has uptown mindset that translates into sultry fashions, accentuating glamour hints of classic rock 'n roll flair.
In one piece the women wore belts with hanging shells around their hips, accentuating the quick, rhythmic lower-body shakes.
The Partnership for a DrugFree America, which produces the spots, complained that the ONDCP was accentuating the negative by focusing on this result.
Levallois says his team may have found an accentuating link between EMFs intensity and melatonin production among the oldest and most obese women.
True, the temptation is there to crow about America's superior position, but this would be accentuating the obvious, not something Best Minds need ever do.
Logoworks, the recent offspring of Crestworks of Thunder Bay is, as the song says, accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative.
Accentuating the building's awesome height is the lack of very tall buildings in its direct vicinity, a feature that preserves unobstructed view corridors, even on the lower floors.
Conceived specifically for this exhibition, Solstizio d'estate (Summer solstice), 2001, filled all four walls of one room, accentuating the emotional value of the ephemeral artistic act as opposed to the stable and salable object.