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Synonyms for accentuate




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Synonyms for accentuate

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Synonyms for accentuate

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The V-shaped box accentuates the line of the leg, while the "elastic edge" is easy on the ankle.
Variations of the Shell can increase its value exponentially, allowing you to accentuate the key elements of man defense that you might otherwise be unable to work on.
Information literacy may be defined as "a set of abilities requiring individuals to 'recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate and use effectively the needed information.'"(2) The new electronic information environment, characterized by a proliferation of information resources available on the Internet, the dramatic increase in public access to "unfiltered" information, and the widespread availability of new formats of information (video, audio, as well as written), accentuates the importance of evaluative skills.
Through sparing use of color, Lienbacher accentuates particular details: fingers, soles of feet, or strands of hair.
Rather than trying to conform to an ideal, the latter group accentuates what they feel are their best, most attractive features.
Indeed, he says, this may explain "why we like ice cream and potato chips so much--their high fat accentuates their other flavors."
He accentuates this controversial topic with anecdotes from his interviews of law enforcement officers.
LONG hair can be extremely ageing as it exaggerates and accentuates the downward lines that occur on the face as we get older, especially near the eyes, nose and mouth.
At the sixth floor, the building sets back to reduce the floor area, providing a strong design element that further accentuates the corner.
Or Franklin Sirmans who describes the nuanced memoir paintings of Deborah Grant as powerful enough to "give you the energy to get down, stand back up, take it all in, and wonder." The writer accentuates this kinetic tone by ending the article with an appropriate yet simple statement: "Move something."
Thus French smoothly represents the impressions of an innocent eighteen-year-old with no seeming consciousness of the traumatized writing self poised years in the future, yet he accentuates the tension between the two through italicized intrusions by that later self's reflections.
Tight clothing accentuates a dancer's line, which should make viewers appreciate men more.
In her first social engagement, she contradicts a visiting lecturer at her father's school when the man accentuates the socially accepted idea that it would be a sin to educate women.
To do this, he has adopted a neo-Dadaist method one might call "homeopathic." He accentuates the effect of alienation and breakdown with regard to the ordinary world and everyday reality.
Elegant, white raised-panel cabinetry with brushed chrome knobs accentuates white-on-white Maytag appliances including refrigerators, microwaves, ranges, and dishwashers.