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They bore the earmarks of prisons, which were further accentuated by the armed guards who squatted on low benches without, or patrolled the short beach lines.
The firelight shone upon her animated features and sparkling eyes; it accentuated the graceful motions of her gesturing arms and hands; it sparkled from her white teeth and from her golden ornaments, and glistened on the smooth firmness of her perfect skin.
The accentuated sleeves, Swarovski crystals, embroidered florals, tassel detailing, print ruffle blouse and of course embroidered draped saree-dresses are all worth buying.
The versatility of this car is accentuated by the fact that the front passenger seat can be folded flat to accommodate a long load.
The dial's serti neige style setting is complemented on the bezel by a row of baguettes, themselves accentuated by round diamonds.
She picked a white bustier accentuated with some detailing, finished with a matching pair of high-waisted shorts.
'Interlude' Extrait du Parfum is bottled in Amouage's signature glass crysA[degrees]tal in a mesA[degrees]merising midnight blue hue with goldA[degrees]plaA[degrees]ted detailing, accentuated with a sapphire blue Swarovski crystal.
Baldwin Denim has an edgy feel that is accentuated by low ceilings, dark surfaces, dramatic lighting contrasts, and infused raw light fixture material.
Star wears amermaid gown accentuated with gold bangles for jewellery brand
Manama: 29 July - - ( BNA) - - Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), along with the commercial and industrial community , have accentuated their greatest support for the recommendations of the National Assembly in its extraordinary session yesterday, aimed to uproot terrorism , preserve the Kingdom of Bahrain's national security and unity and enforce the State of laws and constitutional institutions.
For her debut collection, Osakwe painted swirls that circled and accentuated a woman's breasts, a reference to the ceremonial nudity of a coming-of-age Dipo ritual from rural Ghana and a winking nod to the notion that what might be considered improper in some places is beautiful and natural in others.
It is in this magnification that their genuine characteristics are accentuated."
Although the roasting of each coffee was kept as consistent as possible throughout this exercise, other characters, such as Caramelly notes, seem to have been accentuated to a greater degree than the rest.
The kitchen/dining area is dressed in shades of green and blue, accentuated with laminate floor tiling and pale wood units.