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One of them is accentually strong and is used to derive adverbs from nouns denoting nationality: tatarla 'in Tatar; in the Tatar way', rusla 'in Russian; in the Russian way'.
The trained groups, especially CS and CH showed several morphological alterations: splitting, basophily, hypertrophy and muscle fiber with small diameter, like denervation condition; muscle fibers in phagocytosis process, accentually in both continuous groups (normal and hypercaloric) were observed.
In reading the poems accentually rather than syllabically, O Riordain is perhaps seeing them through the lens of post-Classical accentual traditional verse.
Though found in the Cantigas, quintuple rhythm is here accentually and musically crass.
He piles emphasis upon "in," an insubstantial preposition that would normally be overwhelmed by the accentually mightier "thoughts" and "groans.
This becomes the prototype of an expression being treated accentually as a single word.