accentual system

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the system of accentuation used in a particular language

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(3) Let us recall, for instance, his remarks about the normalizing effects of poetic rhythm: "Rhythm, by creating an unmediated involvement in every aspect of the accentual system of the whole ...
49-50), when in fact sof pasuq stands outside the accentual system proper, lacking its own musical motif and failing to repeat with the other [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED] in doubly accented verses (e.g., Gen.
One result was that critics and readers began to hear "iambic" verse more and more as a stricter accentual system than it had probably been from the mid-sixteenth century to the mid-nineteenth century, a tendency that, as we shall see, has reached a significant critical climax in the metrical theory of Derek Attridge.
Both findings made in the dissertation are of great value for the study of languages with different accentual systems, especially for the solving the problem of the existence of the so called unaccental languages.