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a diacritical mark used to indicate stress or placed above a vowel to indicate a special pronunciation

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After using Textexpander for only a few months, I've saved an estimated two hours, according to the app, that would have been spent typing greetings, goodbyes, signatures, and long prepackaged responses, or hunting and pecking for symbols like accent marks or emoticons.
I tried to write this renowned African writer's name correctly, with all the right accent marks, but this modern Western technology (laptop) is not programmed to respect "such" surnames and marks.
Diacritical marks, which include accent marks, tildes, umlauts and other notations, help to distinguish one letter from another and aid in pronunciation.
At the end of his essay, Mosquera wryly notes that the accent marks in "Felix Gonzalez Torres," as he insists on writing it, will probably disappear with the translation of the text from Spanish to English.
Navajo has some accent marks that do not exist anywhere in the world except other Athabaskan languages," said Reeves, who teaches computer science.
How to get those accent marks into your correspondence .