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a diacritical mark used to indicate stress or placed above a vowel to indicate a special pronunciation

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A series of three experiments was carried out to study the contrastive value of the stress and accent marks in Spanish.
I tried to write this renowned African writer's name correctly, with all the right accent marks, but this modern Western technology (laptop) is not programmed to respect "such" surnames and marks.
Other databases simply eliminate the accents entirely and just leave the letters without accent marks. Lastly, there are some (generally, but not only, Hispanic) databases that can respect the accent marks on names.
Her strong accent marked out her working class roots and she is the first foreign-born Prime Minister since fellow Welsh export William Morris "Billy" Hughes, who led from 1915 to 1923.
That means suffixes won't be able to include tildes, accent marks and other special characters.
Diacritical marks, which include accent marks, tildes, umlauts and other notations, help to distinguish one letter from another and aid in pronunciation.
At the end of his essay, Mosquera wryly notes that the accent marks in "Felix Gonzalez Torres," as he insists on writing it, will probably disappear with the translation of the text from Spanish to English.
"Navajo has some accent marks that do not exist anywhere in the world except other Athabaskan languages," said Reeves, who teaches computer science.
vii of the chorus and orchestra volume discussed above, for example) this preface announces that "the articulation marks of dot and stroke will uniformly be reproduced as droplet-shaped staccato marks" except "strokes that are without any doubt to be understood as accent marks," which will then "be given as wedges" (my trans.).
Although it drew on a wide range of thinkers, Jewish tradition was shortchanged, as symbolized by the omission of the biblical accent marks (trope), which are used for the Bible's ritual chanting, and the minimization of the traditional Sabbath lections (parashot).
How to get those accent marks into your correspondence ...