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Synonyms for acceleratory

tending to increase velocity


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Also, we performed canine retraction with bilateral FCPs, as it was shown by Alikhani et al14 that the localized regional acceleratory phenomenon (RAP) did not carry across to the contra-lateral side.
Pulver et al., in their study on maxillary expansion in rabbits, suggested that greater skeletal expansions may be possible if combined with surgical methods, such as corticotomy, to promote regional acceleratory phenomenon (RAP), stimulating bone remodeling and reducing bone volume and density [42].
The heat flow in the initial reaction, induction, and acceleratory period for the two mixes containing NS was higher than control.
But others believe the success of the data business is a good indicator for the health and value of Twitter's ad ecosystem, if not the overall company. MoPub and Gnip are "good acceleratory revenue streams but when we're talking about the state of the company, we're looking at advertising," said Brian Wieser, senior analyst of advertising, media and internet at Pivotal Research Group.
Influence of inflammation-mediated osteopenia on the regional acceleratory phenomenon and the systemic acceleratory phenomenon during healing of a bone defect in the rat.
The acceleratory capacity of infrastructure not only allows an aleatory event to serve governmental centralization (cf Blackburn, 2014); negotiations and rescalings of resilience practice also remain continuous and circulate along with the movements of objects, resources, people, and information.
There is also a systemic acceleratory phenomenon (SAP) of osteogenesis due to systemic release of humoral factors.
Suggested that the acceleration of tooth movement associated with corticotomy is due to increased bone turnover and based on a regional acceleratory phenomenon.
He said that youth are the main acceleratory force in PTI and can play a positive role in national politics.
Thus, propagules act as an acceleratory mechanism for seedling recruitment and ecological succession in abandoned pastures (Zimmerman et al.