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Synonyms for acceleratory

tending to increase velocity


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Indeed, these and other infrastructural circulatory mechanisms enact power in multiple directions: inadvertent obstructions, overt filtrations, and acceleratory aftereffects are concomitant with centrifugal governmental power while strategic obstruction, covert filtration, and reactionary accelerations are concomitant with centripetal forms of governmental power.
Influence of inflammation-mediated osteopenia on the regional acceleratory phenomenon and the systemic acceleratory phenomenon during healing of a bone defect in the rat.
Suggested that the acceleration of tooth movement associated with corticotomy is due to increased bone turnover and based on a regional acceleratory phenomenon.
He said that youth are the main acceleratory force in PTI and can play a positive role in national politics.
Thus, propagules act as an acceleratory mechanism for seedling recruitment and ecological succession in abandoned pastures (Zimmerman et al.
Yet long-distance trade was merely a secondary, acceleratory factor.
The essence of this algorithm stands upon accumulation of values of all three X, Y, Z acceleratory signals during the set time interval a-b (in our case--10s) and calculation the mean values of X, Y, Z signals in time interval a-b according to (1):
An inherent acceleratory effect of insulin on small intestinal transit and its pharmacological characterization in normal mice.