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Thus, manufacturers are focused on developing lightweight components such as accelerator pedal modules.
He concluded driver error in misapplying the accelerator pedal instead of the brake had caused the collision.
In either mode, full performance can be accessed by kicking down on the accelerator pedal, as in a vehicle with a conventional automatic gearbox.
"If the accelerator pedal arm breaks, the engine will return to idle and the driver will be unable to maintain or increase engine speed, increasing the risk of a crash," the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration quality watchdog said in a statement.
The NHTSA had asked Ford, the No 2 US automaker, to recall nearly 424,000 Ford Escape sport-utility vehicles with a defect that caused a stuck throttle when the accelerator pedal was fully or almost fully depressed.
In June, Toyota announced it would recall about 150,000 Lexus luxury brand vehicles to address the problem of floor mats trapping the accelerator pedal.
Toyota announced a recall of 154,036 2010 Lexus RX 350 and RX 450h vehicles in June to address a risk that a loose floormat could force down the accelerator pedal.
The billboard designs show a giant foot on an accelerator pedal bearing down on children, dog walkers, cyclists and joggers as they make their way down an autumnal street.
Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM) is recalling approximately 154,000 model-year 2010 Lexus RX 350 and RX 450 H cars for "potential floor mat interference with accelerator pedal," the same problem which afflicted millions of the company's cars in 2009 and 2010.
I was pulling into a small car park with zero speed when the accelerator pedal jammed and took the car over a bank and hit a dustbin.
A common throttle system malfunction is the engagement of the accelerator pedal in the vehicle floor mat as shown in Figure 2A above and to the right.
It was reported that if the floor carpet around the accelerator pedal is not properly replaced in the correct position, there is a possibility that the plastic pad embedded into the floor carpet may interfere with the operation of the accelerator pedal.
The recall also includes 372,000 RX 330, RX 350 and RX 400H vehicles from the 2004 through early 2007 model years and 397,000 2004-2006 Toyota Highlander SUVs and hybrid versions to replace floor carpet covering and retention clips on the driver's side that could interfere with the accelerator pedal arm.
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