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a valve that regulates the supply of fuel to the engine

(chemistry) a substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected

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The number of emerging tech projects qualifying for the accelerator programme stood at about 30 in the sector of Hajj and Umrah, with focus on crowd management, financial solutions, waste management, accommodation, communication solutions, and public health, nutrition, transportation, and travel arrangements.
Swarm64 has completed certification of its Data Accelerator for PostgreSQL on the Xilinx Alveo U200 accelerator card, and it's available immediately at
Who Uses This: Leading companies such as Dell, Honeywell and QNAP are planning products based on Intel Vision Accelerator Designs.
AI accelerators can be utilized in a variety of areas, including as AI assistant servers and security services such as surveillance cameras, SKT noted.
The accelerator model is a mature concept in other industries, but only recently has it started to grab the attention of carriers.
Henry Motte-Munoz, CEO,, said: "The WISE Accelerator program has proved transformational for
Chris Carson, CEO and founder, Caruma Technologies, said, 'We are excited and humbled to be selected by RocketSpace, a world-class start up accelerator with a wildly successful track record.
In conclusion, how to develop an efficient and environmentally friendly alkali-free liquid accelerator for the shotcrete which can shorten the setting time of the concrete and also have no negative effects on the strength and durability of the concrete is still a very important research direction.
Ensuring that your accelerator is bolstered by a vertically supportive eco system is a bit of a nuanced quality, but it's unbelievably important.
Every cluster of startups that considers itself an ecosystem needs at least one accelerator to take itself seriously....
Accelerator Corporation, a life science investment vehicle for investment in emerging biotechnology research, also announced the first closing of the Accelerator IV fund with $51.1 million in capital commitments, as it expands its operations in Seattle to New York City.
(NASDAQ: MSFT) and American Family Insurance are launching a unique business accelerator for startups focused on home automation.
Gravely's company, TriVersity, joined a program called a minority business accelerator even before he bought a controlling interest in the Cincinnati-based company in 2006.
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