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a valve that regulates the supply of fuel to the engine

(chemistry) a substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected

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These results represent the most significant step so far for laser-based accelerators and should stimulate further advances in the near future" says Thomas Katsouleas of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles in a commentary accompanying the reports.
Tbe structure of all the accelerators including TEBA used in the study are given in table 1.
The SkyX Accelerator 750 is available now in both 311 Mbps and 622 Mbps configurations.
Implemented in approximately 35,000 gates, the JVXtreme accelerator includes hardware stack and system interfaces.
While bloom has not occurred on shelf aging of the vulcanizates made, it should be evaluated in any formulations where accelerator levels are raised as they are here.
No other therapeutic proton accelerator has this feature, he adds.
The ITSM Accelerator is built on MEGA Process, the powerful business process modeling tool of the MEGA Modeling Suite.
Introduction In spite of the fact that some organic compounds used as accelerators are added in small amounts (1-2 phr), they play a very important role in determining the physicomechanical properties of the obtained rubber vulcanizates (refs.
This is the most difficult period of the year to run the entire accelerator," Riordan says.
Now in its second year, the Imagine Cup Innovation Accelerator is a joint project from Microsoft and BT.
At Johnston's request, the General Accounting Office (GAO) investigated the selection process and, in April, issued a report criticizing DOE officials for not first figuring out the best available technology for the accelerator and then formally requesting design proposals that made use of that technology.
The IDT search accelerator assists packet header processing with industry leading performance and service capabilities at wire speed.
The new IDT network search accelerator works synergistically to offload classification and forwarding lookups, helping Chesapeake realize its industry-leading 40Gbps performance.
We believe that Yodlee BillPay Account Accelerator is an essential component for all financial institutions aiming to increase the effectiveness of online account openings and drive greater usage and adoption of existing bill pay services.
com), a leading provider of application acceleration solutions over the WAN, today announced a new addition to their Accelerator product family - the Accelerator 7940.
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