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tending to increase velocity


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The authors reported that peak accelerative forces measured while subjects "plopped down into a chair" were similar to accelerative forces recorded during published accounts of volunteer crash testing.
READ 180 as designed and found in this study is an intensive and accelerative reading program for older poor reading students.
Minimizing the momentum and accelerative forces will additionally reduce the potential for muscle and/or joint trauma.
With limited accelerative ability, you quickly learn to carry speed into corners enabling you will emerge at the other side not going much slower.
Accelerative Learning is often presented by its advocates as a new paradigm for learning in contrast to what they deprecate as `conventional teaching'.
Amerasian males would experience statistically significant higher levels of accelerative stress than would Amerasian females.
Van TasselBaska argues brilliantly for acceleration, based on her extensive experience with accelerative programs in Illinois and extensive review of the research on acceleration, and Klausmeier presents the case for enrichment.
Our mission is to help create more and better jobs by accelerative business investments and development-technology is a major part of that equation.
0litre V-Tec engine, it's also more accelerative than a Bugatti Veyron and more economical than a Mondeo Diesel at 50mpg.
0 D-4D engine is very accelerative, silent and very clean.
Contemporary road tests made the XR2 slightly more accelerative but the more modern Escort had a higher top speed.
In fact, since any movement is essentially an act of defying gravity -- which itself is an accelerative force -- the central issue becomes: What's being moved, and how fast?
1 seconds sounds all right, but it's not accelerative enough compared to the flying Fiat (152mph, 6.
Since 2000, the corporation has achieved new breakthroughs in both development scale and business field, maintaining a good trend of accelerative development.
It may be marginally more accelerative than a Veyron, but it's no bargain.
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