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tending to increase velocity


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In fact, changes in body mass of young soccer players have the largest effect on changes in accelerative ability and on drive and transition phases, while changes in leg muscle power have impact only on the drive phase of the acceleration (62).
While metaphysics does indeed constitute "the epoch of the development and instillation of human mastery over the Earth," the instrumental domination of nature is not necessarily fated to accelerative towards its nihilistic culmination--the total extinction of life on Earth.
Since aircraft is approximately in the uniformly accelerative motion for small disturbance, the unsteady moment coefficient related to only [DELTA][alpha] and [??] is expressed as
The accelerative effects of EA on gastric emptying may involve the protection of the damaged ICC networks in diabetes.
This car was fitted with Audi's slick seven-speed S tronic dual clutch automatic gearbox which is actually marginally more accelerative than the six-speed manual version.
Exploring the dynamic relationship between Accelerative Intergrated Method (AIM) and the core French teachers who use it: Why agency and experience matter.
VAUXHALL'S Maloo LSA pick-up might be the most powerful and most accelerative commercial vehicle on sale in the UK, but that doesn't mean it can't take care of one of its ancestors.
The accelerative effect of honey in the wound, ulcer and skin burn healing process is related to its physical properties of hygroscopicity, hypertonicity, lower pH, and complex chemical composition.
The individual teaching context is necessary as Reading Recovery teachers make moment-by-moment decisions, based on their close observations of students' behaviours, to inform their teaching and foster accelerative learning (Clay, 2005).
accelerate (1525); 1: accelerating (1591); 2: acceleration (1531); 3: accelerater (1611; -er, 1611; -ant, 1909; -or, 1841); 5: accelerative (1751; -ive, 1751; -ant, 1909); 6: accelerating (1829); 7: accelerable (1900); 8: accelerated (1803); 15: acceleratedly (1751); 17: acceleration (1534).
I'd say that the NISMO is a tad more accelerative but it makes a car like a C63 AMG feel like it needs to dose up on spinach.
From figure, with change of accelerative growth parameter [theta], the whole network shows different degree distribution by adjusting parameter [[alpha].sub.1], [[alpha].sub.2], n.
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