acceleration unit

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a unit for measuring acceleration

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crypto acceleration unit and random number generator help secure communication
3V supply MCF5223x family (MCF52230, MCF52231, MCF52233, MCF52234, MCF52235) features: -- 10/100 Fast Ethernet Controller with Ethernet PHY -- Optional cryptographic acceleration unit (CAU) and random number generator -- Up to 57 Dhrystone 2.
As today's industrial control and automation products demand higher performance, richer human machine interfaces (HMI) and assured security on untrusted networks, device manufacturers are moving to new faster processors with integrated acceleration units devoted to 3D graphics, cryptography and industrial communication protocols.
MTAPI greatly simplifies the programming challenge to optimize task management and parallel programming on complex SoCs supporting heterogeneous architectures and hardware acceleration units," said Urs Gleim.
Ideally, this shaker module can be configured with different acceleration units, depending on the required direction of acceleration (X, Y, Z, or rotational movement).
The range includes powered bends, straight conveyors, pull-nose and tilting conveyors, cassette conveyors, elevators, lifting tables, alignment bars, reject units, driven side belts, product turning units, cross conveyors and acceleration units.
The 19 inch cabinets are used to accommodate the 19-inch RF backplane frame, in turn, receive the RF modules for low-level electronics of the control and regulation of high-frequency acceleration units.