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Synonyms for gravitation

(physics) the force of attraction between all masses in the universe

movement downward resulting from gravitational attraction

a figurative movement toward some attraction

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A pressure level sensor is used to measure capacity, density, and tilting angle, and an inertial measurement unit (IMU) is used to revise the measuring value in accordance with the rotation, acceleration, and acceleration of gravity [8].
By applying chaos theory and some high school level mechanics, they determined that by knowing the initial conditions - such as the viscosity of the air, the acceleration of gravity, and the friction of the table - it should be possible to predict the outcome when rolling the dice.
All you need to know are some of the initial conditions before the toss is made: how viscous the air is, what the friction of the table is, and a figure representing the acceleration of gravity -- which until Richard Branson opens a low-orbit casino will pretty much always be 9.
Measurements of the acceleration of gravity on the Szczeliniec (0113) were carried out eight times between 1997 and 2009.
How did the towers "pancake" at the acceleration of gravity as shown in video evidence when the physical law of the conservation of momentum makes this impossible?
If the Sagnac light loop area has a unit vector that is perpendicular to the acceleration of gravity vector, then the motion of the interferometer will exhibit a red-shift that will be given by:
Rather than debate the physics of the acceleration of gravity, he was told the risk management program of the host employer required fall protection.
The acceleration of gravity causes a pendulum to hang vertically, and the inclinometer compares the position of the crane boom to the vertical datum.
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