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Synonyms for acceleration

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Synonyms for acceleration

the act of accelerating

(physics) a rate of increase of velocity

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Data center customers use hardware accelerators for specific workloads that can most benefit from field programmable gate array-based (FPGA) hardware acceleration. Diverting such tasks to tailored hardware accelerators offloads suitable workloads and frees a server's CPU cycles for higher value workloads.
According to the authors, epigenetic age acceleration is a DNA methylation-based marker of fast biological ageing, and it is associated with modifiable lifestyle factors.
The Media Acceleration Module, a new generic platform for accelerated media functions, reportedly enables flexible deployment of network and media functions in all existing Nimbra MSR networks.
The main contribution of this paper is that, by adopting neural network system to reduce the acceleration command, so that the interceptor is able to intercept the hypersonic flight vehicles whose maximum acceleration is equal to or larger than the available acceleration of interceptor.
Therefore, special emphasis of this paper will be placed on the determination of critical acceleration of flexible sliding body based on the cyclic shear strength and time history vertical acceleration aiming at more realistic evaluation of earthquake-induced sliding displacement of high rock-fill dams.
In the first project, installation base of six-axis force sensing unit and six-DOF acceleration sensing unit was shared [11].
To test vehicle acceleration performance under different conditions, a 10-km-long closed loop route with both an urban road and a highway was selected as the test route shown in Figure 1.
2 Measuring the impact of acceleration in special relativity
When IGBT and diode are integrated into a single chip, reverse-conducting IGBT (RC-IGBT) requires the low acceleration and high concentration process to reverse P-shape part in the collector on the backside of the thin wafer to N-shape.
To alleviate the chattering phenomenon and hold the disturbance rejection performance, some FTCG laws were designed in [18], by employing a non-smooth disturbance observer (NSDOB) to estimate the target acceleration. The FTCG law in [18] eliminates the effect of target acceleration without using the saturation function and the symbolic function.
Analysis of the force and acceleration during the harvest in the tree canopy might give some insightful information for understanding and resolving the raised concerns [24].
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-October 12, 2016-Neumob expands app acceleration network across China
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 12, 2016-Neumob expands app acceleration network across China
India, June 27 -- A group of engineering students in Switzerland has broken the world record for the fastest ground acceleration by a battery powered vehicle.