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speeded up, as of an academic course

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Responses were also segregated between accelerated filers (public float between $75 and $699 million) and large accelerated filers (public float equal to or greater than $700 million), who presumably had filed management reports on internal controls in both 2004 and 2005, from "non-accelerated" filers.
Accelerated drug approval was one of most important accomplishments of early AIDS activism.
This report provides a review of the literature on accelerated aging of concrete.
Remember, the hammer is accelerated by the force you generate as well as the gravity pulling the hammer down.
The SAP explains the basis for the utility tax liability and the method (an accelerated audit procedure - AAP) of resolving this matter.
This approval was based on the accelerated approval regulations.
Taking an accelerated benefit from a life insurance policy is one way.
Based on her research and interaction with police officers, she concluded that accelerated learning concepts, combined with a highly interactive teaching style, would best suit the needs of the department.
However, Benbow maintains that these problems stem from factors associated with intellectual giftedness -- such as increasing difficulties finding peers with common interests -- rather than from accelerated study programs.
The NetliOne Platform serves as the foundation for the Netli Application Delivery Network (ADN) suite of services: NetLightning[R], NetliOffload[TM], NetliContinuity[TM], NetliView[TM], NetliDRM[TM], and Netli Accelerated SSL Delivery.
From a legal standpoint, those costs associated with acceleration are generally recoverable by a contractor from an owner upon a showing by the contractor that: (1) any delays giving rise to the order to accelerate are excusable, (2) the contractor was ordered to accelerate, either by direct order or constructively by refusal to grant a time extension and (3) the contractor in fact accelerated performance and incurred extra costs.
Accelerated subatomic particles, such as electrons, protons and various ions, are fundamental research tools in physics and, for some applications, in chemistry and biology.
to repurchase approximately $100 million of its common shares under an accelerated share repurchase program.
Polaris enters into an accelerated share repurchase agreement with Goldman, Sachs & Co.
The Netli Accelerated SSL Delivery combines a FIPS 140-2 Level 3-compliant private key escrow system and integrated SSL acceleration sub-systems to enable transport and application-layer optimizations on SSL-encrypted content.
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