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Synonyms for accelerator

a valve that regulates the supply of fuel to the engine

(chemistry) a substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected

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Barbara Rouse, from the friends of Derby Park, appealed to parents whose children might have come home smelling of smoke or accelerants.
Miss Price said he started the fire at 4am and, in addition to placing an accelerant through the letter box, he lit a piece of wood and put that through as well.
17 April 2017 - Atlanta, US-based investment firm BIP Capital has merged with US-based Accelerant Venture Capital, the firm said.
But what the crowd did not know was that this was no mascot--this dog was a trained detective who was able to quickly identify accelerant on one of the onlookers.
The findings of the State Fire Marshal's Office - a state organized and endorsed office - are the strongest evidence that no accelerant was present and that Bill Richardson likely died of a heart attack before being burned," Judge Richardson wrote in a ruling that comes two years after Richardson first heard Cacy's petition for relief in Fort Stockton.
Accelerant Business Solutions Provider is a Utah based company which is connecting the urban core to the rural community for workforce extensibility, job creation, and education.
Now an inquest heard an accelerant, probably petrol, was the cause of the mystery blaze - but who started it remains a mystery.
In the Kylemore Park area of the town, another car had accelerant splashed on it.
He can detect as little as two microliters of accelerant -- that is, two one-millionths of a liter -- and he can do it in smoky darkness, while the embers of a fire still burn around him and smoke detectors and sirens wail.
We don't know who or why or how it was ignited, but based on the totality of the evidence, there is a very likely chance some type of accelerant was used," he said.
Michael Klein, an analyst for Accelerant, stated, It s a touch-point for brand recognition, It s a way to extend the market of branding into the text world.
developed a self-healing composite including a matrix precursor, 10-nm to 300micron microcapsules containing a liquid acrylic oligomer, an activator, and an accelerant.
Mira points her nose at the exact spot where she sniffed some type of accelerant, a liquid that lights easily and makes a fire spread faster.
It seems they got some petrol or some accelerant and poured it through the extractor fan pipe - I've no idea why as I've got no enemies I know of.
Several quantities of accelerant were considered and are disclosed in the scenarios.