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Words related to accelerando

a gradually increasing tempo of music

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gradually increasing in tempo

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with increasing speed

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it builds the dynamics smoothly and sensitively, and all the rubatos, ritardandos and accelerandos are logical and delicate.
Nothing could be more difficult," Boelzner said, "than an old ballet encrusted with tradition, ritards, and accelerandos for certain ballerinas because of the stuff that has accumulated over the years.
These often unexpected accelerandos at times seem merely quirky yet at other times succeed in punctuating the action.
When the student is fully capable of imitating these rhythms, gradually add elements of fluctuating tempos such as accelerandos and ritardandos to illustrate how music does not have to be so rigid.
These signs are vast and cover phrasing but also dynamics such as crescendo and diminuendo, descending glissandi, ritardandos, fermatas, accelerandos and much more.
It is also clear that the conductor was not holding back from great contrasts in dynamics, expression and in tempos, that he was not afraid of agogics, accelerandos, expansive sound, mystery and an almost frenzied excitement--in other words romanticism with all that it involves.
Frenetic rhythms led through superbly controlled accelerandos to muted tuttis, dying away to a hive of murmuring bees.
In trying to account for the spectator's sense of tempo, however, it seems important to consider how the variable rhythms of editing, speaking, and figure movement interact and how they help to articulate the rhythm of the film as a whole, its accelerandos and ritardandos.